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ARIES: Stay centered within yourself.. Most people enjoy romance but don’t let yourself fall for just a few casually flirtatious lines. You may be happiest if trustworthy and loyal business and romantic partners surround you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your love life is not meant to be a revolving door. Once someone is in your life, you likely tend to keep them. You probably don’t need to spend a great deal of money to please a playmate or shower someone with affection.

GEMINI: There could be a storm brewing in paradise. You may be unaware of hidden conflicts within your home or family until it is too late. Be as nice as possible and don’t launch anything of major importance.

CANCER: Press the right buttons to trigger a positive response. Find imaginative ways to prove your devotion and loyalty to a loved one. There is a clever way to handle a financial issue and end up with a profit.

LEO: Your crystal ball might need a bit of polishing up. You could really regret losing a relationship if you deliberately turn your back on someone now. Use some foresight and understand your differences can be resolved.

VIRGO: Don’t mistake togetherness for intimacy. Friendships may fare better than close relationships this weekend. Put those ugly, sensible shoes away and wear the ones that make you feel like running a triathlon or hitting the dance floor.

LIBRA: Flirtations with friends are fun, but they are mostly fantasy. As a schoolkid, you may have given Valentine’s cards to all your classmates, but as an adult, you will likely send a romantic message to only one person.

SCORPIO: Cupid’s arrows may be flung in too many directions. Don’t take a casual flirtation too seriously or take a loved one for granted. An important idea may take root and offer you an incentive to pursue new goals.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone may be evasive or vague and compound a misunderstanding. The more you push for a straight answer, the more that someone may try to escape. Investigate a new investment or moneymaking idea.

CAPRICORN: Test the waters. Take the time to know someone better before jumping headlong into a closer relationship. You may have a passion to succeed in the material world and a desire to conquer obstacles.

AQUARIUS: You can be a force to be reckoned with. However, remain polite and considerate to increase your chance of success. Don’t make promises or commitments today but do reach out and make some new friends.

PISCES: There may be more at stake than meets the eye. It is easy to misread signals and you should not trust your instincts or intuition when dealing with loved ones today. Put a lid on your doubts and remain loyal.

IF SEPT. 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your head may be in the clouds, and you can be easily distracted from matters of importance during the coming five to six weeks. Since you could be easily misled and might be gullible, it is best to wait until late October when you are more grounded to address crucial financial affairs or new business policies. Your clear thinking and judgment improve throughout November, while at the same time, your friends may become a more integral part of your daily life. Get your finances and business affairs wrapped up so you can enjoy an active social life in December. December and the first half of January are poor times to make highly significant decisions or to put important plans into motion. Avoid taking on additional debt and be aware that your performance may well be scrutinized. Wait until February when your judgment is at its best to launch projects or make key changes.

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