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ARIES: The barometer that measures your success rises when the winds of change are favorable. This is one of those times when you can rise above other people’s problems and make headway despite difficulties.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may feel prompted to push hard to obtain something. Eventually, you may come to realize that you were more concerned about having something new and exciting to share than about actually acquiring it.

GEMINI: Tread gently. This is a time to remain diplomatic and conciliatory under tense circumstances. Avoid aggressively chasing after an attractive new hookup or an appealing new investment. Gather second opinions.

CANCER: Hang on to what you hold dear with a gentle hand. You might smother people because you fear losing them. But if you keep someone in a stranglehold or grasp a possession too tightly, there can be damage done.

LEO: Don’t try to force an issue since there is likely to be an alternative. If you attempt to grab the reins of power, you may find that others have minds of their own. Things should settle down after a brief burst of tension.

VIRGO: You may need to tiptoe carefully around sensitive subjects. Remain detached and thoughtful in the face of controversy. Don’t initiate any important projects or sign new contracts if any details are questionable.

LIBRA: Fearlessly face up to family feuds and workplace woes. Strained relationships can often be caused by unrealistic expectations. Use your caring and social skills to present the facts and put problems in perspective.

SCORPIO: Friends might be more sensitive than you realize. If you are immersed in a project, you may be blind and unaware of trouble brewing elsewhere. An innocuous, innocent remark may bring criticism.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone may promote an idea that is not practical or feasible but might refuse to take “no” for an answer. Be positive and encouraging but don’t become involved in a complicated family situation.

CAPRICORN: Conquer conflict with a cool head and warm heart. Step up; someone may expect you to solve their problems even if it isn’t your responsibility. Apply your expertise and competency in business to affairs of the heart.

AQUARIUS: Be sure your story is a tale of rags to riches, not riches to rags. This is not a good time to make irrevocable financial changes or decisions. You can’t carry everyone else’s problems on your shoulders.

PISCES: A misunderstanding could put you and a loved one at opposite ends of an issue. If harmony flies out the window, manage the discord by trying to find common ground. Don’t compound problems by trying to even the score.

IF SEPT. 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Since you are prone to daydreams and romantic yearnings, a vacation or weekend retreat during the upcoming two to three weeks might fit your needs. You will be more grounded and suited to moneymaking activities in October when your perceptive strategies can help you turn a profit. A practical outlook and business-like attitude may continue to make you a great negotiator in the first half of November. Sit on your hands and avoid taking any major steps in late December when your judgment could be at a low point. Follow through on your obligations but do not volunteer to take on additional commitments. Wait until February when you have more support and wisdom to launch new initiatives or to make major changes.

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