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ARIES: Pay attention to the details. What may seem like an insignificant change could be the key to achieving your goals. Examine all the pros and cons carefully before taking action. Avoid making careless financial changes.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It can be inspiring to discuss big dreams even if some of them are not realistic. A few surprises may be in store for you today. People may pop by to visit or interrupt your plans. Avoid spending money on non-essentials.

GEMINI: Take your time and you should be fine. Otherwise, a false move could create an undesirable result. Share your enthusiasms with a trusted friend or loved one when their time allows, don’t push for your own timeline.

CANCER: You might tend to analyze emotional reactions when you should be analyzing financial strategies. A partner or loved one may be struggling, but you can brighten their day with a simple, thoughtful act or gift.

LEO: Duck for cover to escape quarrels over possessions or money. Focus your energies on getting along with other people and escalating tensions should quickly fade. Get attention with an innovative or imaginative idea.

VIRGO: Your take-charge attitude will not annoy anyone who is already prepared to like you and support your efforts. Be prepared with facts and figures to back up your ideas and clear up any communication confusion.

LIBRA: Don’t feel like you have to go to extremes to attract attention. Instead, focus on providing solid and visible value. Someone might look upon you as a role model, so do your best to set a great example.

SCORPIO: Wait for inspiration and clarity. If possible, ask for more time or more help if you feel pressured to answer unanswerable questions. Some pleasures that attract your interest could prove disappointing if pursued.

SAGITTARIUS: Let people and situations prove themselves over time. If your attention is grabbed by any new enthusiasm, go slow until you have an opportunity to seek a second opinion or do your due diligence.

CAPRICORN: Someone may unintentionally jab one of your trigger points. This is always a sign of needed healing work. Do not take challenges to your control of a situation too personally and wait until things are clearer to move forward.

AQUARIUS: A restless dissatisfaction with your place in the world is a fleeting feeling that should evaporate soon.  Process any unresolved anxieties so you can move forward on projects that can impact your career and reputation.

PISCES: Don’t let imagined problems stand in the way of success. Use your creative genius to solve a puzzle and keep an eye on your visionary plans. The weekend ahead might be a perfect time to arrange a sightseeing trip.

IF AUG. 25 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: In the upcoming four to five weeks, your business acumen is enhanced, making this a good time to focus on moneymaking activities and financial affairs. You should be able to safely put all your eggs in one basket in late September or early October when your judgment and business sense is better than usual. Someone may even present you with a golden opportunity that could lead to long term prosperity. Avoid taking time off in November, when may not be at your best in any way. You are more romantically minded in the first half of December and might want to enjoy a weekend away with a loved one. You should have extra help from the universe for anything you wish to initiate in late December. That is when you should be luckier and have better judgment than usual.

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