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ARIES: Remain in your comfort zone. You may sometimes feel you’re better at business than at pleasure. You might navigate your way into a new group of interesting people, but some could seem insincere or unsuited to future friendship.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may feel like you’re a perpetual motion machine. An input overload could result in major overwhelm; do what you need to do to unwind and relax. Friends or family might have a different perspective on life.

GEMINI: Pull your head out of the sand. You’ll make little or no progress until you stop refusing to face crucial issues. Someone you trust and admire may give good advice and offer you a safe place away from your anxieties.

CANCER: Learn communication skills to discuss emotional issues and other problems without hurting anyone’s feelings. Base a key financial decision on sound and reasonable business strategies rather than letting envy drive your decision.

LEO: You could occasionally wish that someone would put a warning label on life. Sudden changes and stressful events might leave you struggling. Focus on ways to become more disciplined about organizing chores and policies.

VIRGO: You can seldom control people or situations, but your attitude determines your experience of reality, so make it positive. This might be a good time to sit down and work out the details while you can more easily arrive at a compromise.

LIBRA: Expressing love and affection may be at the top of your list if you don’t let yourself become distracted by the green-eyed monster of envy. Focus on gratitude for what you have rather than spending unwisely to try to fill a perceived void.

SCORPIO: Lend an ear without giving a lecture. Someone may need to vent, and you should hear them out. Be willing to let a loved one explore new ideas and express their adventurous side without feeling threatened or trying to control it.

SAGITTARIUS: The more money you save, the sooner it will add up. You might feel you are poorly positioned to buy what you want. However, some of the things you think you want may not give you what you think they will.

CAPRICORN: You don’t need a gold star if you know within yourself that you’ve done a good job. Validate yourself and know that you have likely earned the respect of your peers. Praise will come if you are diligent about honoring your obligations.

AQUARIUS: Be flexible without caving in if unethical options are being explored. Whether you will be someone’s hero, or someone’s scapegoat, depends on how well you handle your responsibilities and adjust to changes.

PISCES: Strive to be balanced. You may be too optimistic about outcomes or too extravagant with loved ones. Your wisdom lies in making canny assessments of your purchasing power and financial future.

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