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ARIES: You may prefer to start the weekend early, but the daily grind must be completed first. Attend to your tasks like a super trooper so you will have time for guilt-free fun without any obligations hanging over your head.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You can be kind but clear. Insist that friends and family follow through on their promises and honor their agreements. You may feel on edge or in too much of a hurry if much anticipation has built up around special outings.

GEMINI: Fish up the answer. Dig around, ask questions and you will find someone with the knowledge to help you resolve a situation. Tie up loose ends by picking up the phone and diligently making follow-up calls.

CANCER: Your judgment when handling financial matters may be better than usual and you may also tap into meaningful advice from mentors. Some of your plans for a social event could be unexpectedly and radically altered by an abrupt change.

LEO: You’re unlikely to go wrong if you are motivated by a moral imperative. Negotiations can be successful if you make sure others benefit as much as you do from a transaction. Take time to learn more about your competitors or potential clients.

VIRGO: It’s time to pay it forward, or to give back. Look around you to identify community needs and commit to even a very small action. Ask yourself how you can inspire others to be more tolerant, cooperative and generous.

LIBRA: You may have an urge that seems to demand immediate attention. If you think about it, you will understand the benefit of going along with the flow. People may be won over by your reasonable manner if you let it shine through.

SCORPIO: Let good enough be good enough — trying to attain perfection only causes frustration and aggravation. Be more tolerant about slip ups and learn from them. Focus on using smart business tactics to accomplish your goals.

SAGITTARIUS: Put it into gear and roll. This could be a good weekend to put your plans into motion or make key decisions about your future. Have faith that loved ones and long-time friends have your best interests at heart.

CAPRICORN: Set the bar high, but not so high that no one can reach it. Intention is a beacon that attracts whatever it sends out. Send out abundant gratitude and clear, detailed visions to attract your desires into your world.

AQUARIUS: Step up and find ways to actively work toward and claim your destiny. Consider implementing innovative strategies to make your future brighter. A trusted friend or mentor can be an excellent sounding board.

PISCES: Know that everyone is doing their best and don’t take things personally. Learning from constructive criticism can save you time and energy. Have more confidence in your abilities and more faith in your loved ones.

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