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ARIES: Opportunities are looming on the horizon. If you ignore them, you might not have another chance. Your tribe may prove their loyalty in the upcoming week. If or when things break, fix them.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Avoid problems in the week ahead by treating every person and task with extra mindfulness. Someone may seem hard to please and/or your work may be scrutinized, so issues could be magnified.

GEMINI: An opportunity to better yourself may be just what is needed to achieve your goals. Friends might share powerful insights in the week to come that create a beneficial chain reaction. Make sure you note valuable ideas.

CANCER: There may be times in in the week ahead when harmless flirtations could be misconstrued by others and lead to a misunderstanding. Money, possessions and values could be an important part of your motivations.

LEO: Next week, you may dare the unusual rather than settle for the ordinary. Your energies and enthusiasms are probably firing on all cylinders so upgrade your reputation and make headway with creative projects and studies.

VIRGO: Make promises cautiously and honor them scrupulously. You’ll need to follow through on your obligations and do your duty. Thinking outside the box can make you appear brilliant in the week ahead.

LIBRA: You may be inspired or enlightened by someone’s reactions in the coming week. Grand ambitions are forming, so you may pivot at some point. For right now, you will be wise to be content with your present position.

SCORPIO: You might sacrifice personal pleasures to get ahead in the upcoming week. You can make the most progress if you remain firm about upholding the highest principles. Try to understand what might seem like criticism.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a week when having faith in your fellow man should work out to your advantage. You could receive favorable publicity for a creative project or meet someone who introduces you to a fascinating new hobby.

CAPRICORN: You may realize that your social life is in the hands of others as the week unfolds. Bills and other financial obligations could cramp your style. Take concrete steps and be diligent to reach your career goals.

AQUARIUS: Be a trusted supporter of a loved one and a steadfast confidante to friends. A partner could receive extra recognition this week. Good things can come to those who wait so remain patient with difficult people.

PISCES: In the week ahead, you may be motivated to do better at your job or become better acquainted with your coworkers. Someone’s engaging ideas can help you make more money or share in the rewards for good work.

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