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ARIES: You are likely to be noticed if you strive to be pleasant. Don’t be surprised if the new people who enter your life have something worthwhile and timely to impart. Open your mind to new ideas and your heart will follow.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You build your power when you face difficulties instead of trying to escape them.  People could be willing to forgive your mistakes and give you the benefit of the doubt. Deflect arguments by carving out a suitable compromise.

GEMINI: It is not necessary to use a chainsaw to slice a tomato. There may be a tendency to be heavy-handed when a more delicate touch will give better results. Hold off on making new investments and major financial decisions.

CANCER: It’s harder to get ahead if you keep your foot on the brakes. Try not to let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Your wise financial strategies can be enhanced when you work side by side in an ambitious partnership.

LEO: Making up isn’t hard to do when there is an ideal opportunity to make amends or smooth over rifts. Someone might give you the cold shoulder but might warm up when you prove you will give the extra effort to cooperate.

VIRGO: Focus on making your future manifest your dreams. A loved one may share their whimsical dreams and ambitious goals. Hurt feelings might result if someone doubts your desire to work to achieve shared plans.

LIBRA: Your cheerful demeanor could prompt some invitations and offers, but too much socializing could prevent you from completing your work. Don’t start a new romance but focus on creative planning and networking.

SCORPIO: The outcome may shift for the better if you zero in on using foresight and wisdom to plan ahead. Reexamine a retirement or savings plan that can enrich your future. Find time to explore creative ideas.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t restrain your enthusiasms. A broadminded outlook can give you a radiance that other people find hard to resist. This is a good time to meet someone who can show you how to be wise about investments.

CAPRICORN: Some people may not say what they mean, or your plans and determination to succeed might not matter to them. Slow down without coming to a stop. Work on your own or wait until you find new helpers.

AQUARIUS: Share from the heart; a partner or loved one should return the generosity many times over. Help someone to understand why you need fewer intrusions and interruptions so they can respect your boundary.

PISCES: Inspiration can be useful, so take notes. You may be uplifted by someone you hear, something you read or something you see. Make your own life more worthwhile by seeking out a greater purpose beyond yourself.

IF SEPT. 20 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming four to six weeks, you can enjoy yourself without restraint and live out your innermost romantic fantasies. That can be a good time for a vacation or to enjoy freedom from worry. In November, your business instincts are sound if you have investments or financial gain in mind. However, December, when you may be enveloped by a passion to succeed, is the best time to put major business and financial plans into motion. Don’t pass up an opportunity that seems too good to be true because you should have the grit and determination to make it work. In late December or early January, you could arrive at a critical crossroads, so it is wise to have expert advice from trusted friends or advisers before you make any important changes or decisions. It may be best to sit on your hands and not decide or work with anything of great importance in February as your judgment is likely to be off center.

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