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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Apply your shrewd head for business to search for ways to increase the joys and pleasures in your daily life. Study creative ways to make calculated risks worthwhile. This is a good time to ask for favors at work.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you don’t schedule some time for yourself, no one else will. It may seem that your social life is compromised when tasks and responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Be more efficient by adopting new technologies.

GEMINI: Adjust your attitude by finding a way to put a favorable spin on a problem. Get past obstacles by remaining confident that an answer will present itself in time. A partner or loved one could offer sound advice and unfailing support.

CANCER: Pick up the phone and apply your networking skills. It is possible to form powerful connections by reminding people of your mutual interests. Focus on a new friendship or association with a social group.

LEO: Achieving security and a more fulfilling future can be either an issue or an incentive. Implementing some small economies and cost-cutting techniques might begin to pay off. Take pride in having a sensible savings plan.

VIRGO: You may sparkle and dazzle everyone you meet with your sociable style. However, coworkers and those in close connection may seem too busy to give you the attention you might crave so step up and love and validate yourself.

LIBRA: Using good manners will be welcomed by others. Social gatherings might require special protocols, but you can enjoy a crowd where you can relax and discuss the latest trends. Wrap a romantic partner around your little finger.

SCORPIO: Dip into a storehouse of tactfulness to handle a drama queen or someone who hijacks the spotlight. Your performance should not be criticized if you follow the rules, complete your duties and pay your bills on time.

SAGITTARIUS: You understand your conscience should dictate everything you do. You won’t just flip a coin when there is a choice between doing the right or wrong thing. You may receive recognition for being a team player.

CAPRICORN: You do a great job, but sometimes you need reassurances. Remind yourself that if you haven’t met your goals, you may be able to adjust the timetable. Exercise self-discipline when handling the budget and surprise expenses.

AQUARIUS: Ignorance is only bliss when there isn’t some fine print to review. This may be a good time to socialize with mentors or experienced family members who can advise you. Focus on ways to conserve your money.

PISCES: Work on re-aligning with your sense of purpose or upgrade it to the next level. Be alert to an important opportunity to do something worthwhile even if your head is up in the clouds looking for inspiration.

IF SEPT. 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your ambitions may be stirred into dynamic action in the coming six to eight weeks. An opportunity to make a beneficial change or to improve your circumstances may appear in October. Your judgment should be at an all-time high late in the month, so this is an excellent time to make major decisions, formulate long-term plans or start something of crucial importance. Once you set the wheels in motion in early November, you might continue to move forward and reach success, especially with a new business or research project. December can bring beneficial advice and plenty of social activities. During early January, you may be distracted by romantic fantasies and are less likely to make sound choices. Keep your wallet closed and follow the rules in January and early February when your performance may be scrutinized.

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