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ARIES: Your heart is in the right place but sometimes your words cannot follow. Meet challenging communications and other mix-ups with understanding. Too many distractions can interfere with the completion of your required tasks.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Discretion makes for good friendships. Though it might be difficult to cut through the fog and overcome misunderstandings before they occur, you might find the right words or helpful insights to solve a problem.

GEMINI: You must see a door before you can knock on it. In your eagerness to be part of the crowd, you might anticipate an opportunity. If you have your heart set on material success, stick to a plan that is already in motion.

CANCER: Never give up. Your good intentions or thoughtfulness may be misunderstood but that is not a good reason to quit. Straightforward facts can be the best tool to use to achieve success and gain someone’s trust.

LEO: You can turn on the charm at a critical moment. The emotional clarity needed for an impartial business transaction may clash with your sympathy and compassion. Do not act on impulse with money or decision-making.

VIRGO: Do not sign a contract that involves your money or partnership terms because there is a possibility that a misunderstanding can occur. Your best bet is to wait. Flirtations or decisions might not be in your best interests.

LIBRA: Stellar influences may make you may feel an increased desire to be more attractive and get out there and socialize. It’s fine to get prepared and make a plan but wait another day or two to approach a new friend or acquaintance.

SCORPIO: If you consistently water flowers, they should eventually outshine the weeds. Choose to focus on beauty and harmony rather than unpleasantness to create a more satisfying outcome. Be discriminating about your companions.

SAGITTARIUS: Remind yourself of what it took to earn your money and you should be able to be more cautious about expenditures. An investment or large purchase could become the subject of a disagreement with a partner or loved one.

CAPRICORN: Wait a few more days and you may enjoy a pleasant surprise. Once you recognize your desires, you should find someone who is willing to discuss ways to create lasting happiness. Don’t make promises today.

AQUARIUS: A partner or loved one may be just as concerned about financial security as you. There might be too many demands on shared resources now. Do not panic because things should be clearer once you get finances organized.

PISCES: Someone may need extra support now. Even the best plans on paper can fail when put into action unless you start by separating facts from fantasy. Get advice from a trusted mentor before signing contracts.

IF SEPT. 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Make your mark during the upcoming three to four weeks while you have Lady Luck on your side. Your judgment is likely better than usual and you may have access to sound advice if you launch key plans. You may receive recognition for your accomplishments. Embrace an opportunity that comes along because even if it is not what you want, it could be just what you need. Your imagination can run wild in early November, giving you an advantage within creative fields while your romantic side may enjoy more quality time with a loved one, perhaps on a short vacation. Your business sense might be excellent in December and early January when you can successfully set crucial financial plans into motion. In late January, a new romantic attachment may have hidden drawbacks and you could see only what you want to see. Don’t let yourself be misled or misinformed.

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