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ARIES: It might be better to resist the new and unproven in favor of sticking to routines. Now is not the time to give way to your impulses and change your approach. Follow through on a commitment to a friend or to help out at a community function.اضافة اعلان

Act on sound business principles rather than on a random impulse. Although you would like to attain financial security, this might be a better time to conserve your resources or to unite with other people.

GEMINI: An enthusiastic hands-on approach will tend to pull interesting people into your orbit. Even if it seems like you may spend some time spinning your wheels, you might meet someone or find a group who can offer mentorship.

CANCER: You are likely the center of someone’s universe, but not everyone’s. Communication about your feelings and goals may be the route to someone’s heart. A bid for support may be missed by a family member.

LEO: Work to build self-confidence and set boundaries on emotional outpourings. Networking with social contacts might give you an opportunity to meet people who share your goals and enjoy similar activities.

VIRGO: Never reveal confidential information you are asked to safeguard. It may be entertaining to dig deep into a new hobby or pastime. Watch your spending because you may be persuaded to buy something of doubtful value.

LIBRA: It may be difficult to be frank about confidential personal information. Your trustworthiness and commitment could be questioned. You might get off on the wrong foot if you oppose the wishes of loved ones.

SCORPIO: Those who dig for the facts have a better shot at finding them. Instead of using the facts solely to your advantage, find a way to apply them that uplifts everyone. Tap your inner wisdom and clarity for guidance.

Insist on receiving an honest answer. Pleasant platitudes and casual assurances sound nice to the ear, but you deserve to know where someone stands on an issue. Focus on achieving financial security.

CAPRICORN: Make a wish if the genie is out of the bottle. You may be in control of a situation and less vulnerable once disclosures are recognized. Knuckle down to a task and concentrate on making concrete progress.

AQUARIUS: Your friends and acquaintances might enjoy physical exercise, outdoor activities or competitive situations. You can exercise enough self-discipline to complete your tasks despite frequent interruptions.

PISCES: Make sure you bring sufficient attention to what is going on around you. You may be forced to face up to an issue that you have been trying to ignore. Be proactive, it’s unlikely the situation will take care of itself.

IF OCT. 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You should maintain a low profile during the upcoming two to three weeks when you have a greater chance of making poor choices. November could bring a romantic mood and inspiring ideas that you can put on your bucket list. Expect to be blessed by good advice, assistance and valuable opportunities in the first half of December, when it might be easy to make permanent improvements in your life and connect with beneficial people. Your insight and financial expertise should be enhanced in late December and early January. That is a good time to focus on your career and moneymaking activities. You may waste time and energy on something that is not as good as it seems in late January and early February, so get feedback from friends before you initiate a new purchase or relationship.

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