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ARIES: Many people believe that they can count on your know-how when problems appear. You might not be able to make headway with a misunderstanding for a few more days, but your supporters should applaud your dependability.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Keep friends as friends. A romantic relationship formed under these stars might not live up to your expectations. Someone may misunderstand your intentions in a social setting or during a business transaction.

GEMINI: You may need to rethink some past decisions. Pay attention to indications that someone has misunderstood your intentions. This could be a good time to clarify a confusing situation with a sincere apology.

CANCER: Forgive and forget. A difference of opinion may easily turn into a disagreement. Show that you are a good sport and congratulate the winner if you lose the match. Find the fairest ways to overcome a misunderstanding.

LEO: You might prefer to avoid a confrontation. There may be an opportunity to ask for forgiveness or to openly discuss a difference of opinion. Ask someone for a favor and you should receive a positive response.

VIRGO: Avoid the domino effect. A dispute can create a distraction that causes further misunderstandings. Double down on efforts to meet a deadline even if you don’t feel you have received adequate credit or recognition yet.

LIBRA: A compromise is achievable, but it might require finesse to avoid a stalemate. Stop selling your ideas once you have obtained an agreement. Offer a kind word to a coworker who may be having some doubts and misgivings.

SCORPIO: Avoid going to extremes and becoming the black sheep of the family. Adopting a spirit of compromise can eliminate a problem. Any amorous feelings should be put on ice until a better time rolls around for romance.

SAGITTARIUS: Do your fair share. Teamwork will get more done than individual efforts. Don’t let family harmony fall apart over minor misunderstandings. Strengthen relationships by demonstrating your devotion frequently.

CAPRICORN: Logic does not always dictate the right answer. You may try to influence a complicated situation at home that requires sound judgment. A family member might prove their complete loyalty and trustworthiness.

AQUARIUS: All your hard work deserves a reward. This is a poor time to spend or invest your money but may be a good time to get out and about on the social scene. Choose neutral topics of conversation at social functions.

PISCES: The path to true love may be rocky, but some things are not set in stone. Misunderstandings could occur that temporarily drive a wedge between you a loved one. Iron out differences with a compromise.

IF SEPT. 23 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your capacity for romance, inspiration, and optimism might be at a high point during the next four to five weeks. Take a vacation or explore ideas to improve your life. Your ability to be both clever and objective about financial affairs and career prospects is probably at a high point during November. This is a good time to tackle payment schedules, the budget or business ideas. In December you can be sharp but are also generous to a fault so you may be less competitive and more successful in a team situation. Expect to encounter helpful opportunities during January but obtain guidance from trustworthy companions if you are attracted to a get-rich proposal or new romantic partner since looks can be deceiving. February is a good time to launch important plans that require long hours and determination.

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