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ARIES: Dealing with some tasks may be more trouble than they are worth. Avoid making large expenditures or financial commitments. Bask in someone’s admiration in public or spend quality time with family at home.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Kill them with kindness. A wise but gentle demeanor will create better outcomes than pushing or plotting. Someone may disapprove of your broadminded attitudes. A graceful refusal is better than an awkward agreement.

GEMINI: Friendly competition can make you better at whatever you do. You are open to new ideas and willing to learn more. You can create your own luck by working in tandem with someone who enjoys your companionship.

CANCER: The best way to win an argument is to avoid starting one. Being kind and loving costs you nothing and risks nothing. Put crucial financial decisions on the back burner because you may lack some essential information.

LEO: Open sesame if love taps on your door one of these nights. It might be difficult to separate business from pleasure this weekend. Follow through on your commitments and put a few extra feathers in your cap.

VIRGO: Time will tell whether to have faith in new companions or to be skeptical. Instead of trying to impress others with your business tactics and know-how, just show up and be yourself. That is always enough. Don’t gamble with your heart.

LIBRA: Whistle while you work. A cheerful attitude will promote a constructive sense of team spirit. You can easily ask someone for a helping hand, a favor or advice that will keep you playing at the top of your game.

SCORPIO: Choose your fights carefully. You may feel you can’t make a mistake, but sudden changes of plan can burst your bubble. Put social affairs on the back-burner while you concentrate on achieving your main goals.

SAGITTARIUS: Start your day with an upbeat attitude. Spreading words of encouragement and displaying a friendly attitude will promote team spirit. You may be in the spotlight when engaged in hobbies or recreational activities.

CAPRICORN: A family member may receive recognition or do something that makes you proud. Handle stressful social and financial issues with a sensitive touch. Be accurate without being critical of other people.

AQUARIUS: People are driven by different things. You might assume that everyone will be as honest as you are, but they may have a different way of operating. Let your skepticism advise you; someone could take advantage of your friendliness.

PISCES: Love comes in as many flavors as gelato. Squeeze in extra time for intimate moments with loved ones. Cooking a meal out on the grill or taking a walk can seem festive if you do it with a special someone.

IF SEPT. 3 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your business sense is enhanced and your reputation shines like silver during the four to five weeks ahead. Use this time to apply for a new position or to reassess your budget, business and buying power. You can achieve financial success by being sharp and intelligent about the ways of the world in October. Your kindness may also be enhanced at this time and encourage you to create win-win scenarios rather than engaging in cutthroat competition. It may be difficult to distinguish between true merit and things of illusionary value in November. You could waste your time dealing with people, schemes, or situations that are not quite as advertised. Enjoy extra social activities and friendships in December. Wait until February when your judgment is at its best to make a life-altering decision and beneficial changes.

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