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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: No clock-watching for you. Your hard work should pay off because you are persistent and do not quit easily. You are often the center of attention, but don’t be distracted away from keeping your nose to the grindstone.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: An old secret may reappear, but it need not cause problems. Detox the past by doing your inner work to release and own it all. You might repeat the mistakes of the past if you try to rekindle old flames.

GEMINI: Be that inflatable clown with the weighted bottom that always bounces back. Don’t let a setback or two discourage you from moving forward. Life knocks everyone down sometimes, be that person who can eventually rise again.

CANCER: You will appreciate your staunchest supporters and most trustworthy allies most if things go wrong. Do not start anything new, make major purchases or change your investments. This is a good time to lay low.

LEO: There is no such thing as an offer you cannot refuse. You may be wise to say “no” to any suggestions or invitations during the next few days. Don’t be so caught up in a fantasy that you forget to meet a deadline or pay a bill.

VIRGO: Efficiency saves time and effort. Make your workspace neater so you can better handle your duties. If you have put off organizing your paperwork too long, you may be frustrated when you must find something important.

LIBRA: Hidden intentions could come to light. Someone’s ambition may be on display even if they try to dress it up as something else. Refuse to continue with a transaction if you think someone is being underhanded.

SCORPIO: This is not the time to cut any corners. There may be stiff competition for someone’s approval. An employer or supervisor who expects you to handle your duties independently may check up on your work.

SAGITTARIUS: Get down to business. Put the toys away and concentrate on taking care of your responsibilities. Although you might want to spend time on a hobby, more serious matters may be clamoring for your attention.

CAPRICORN: You may appear rough and ready, but underneath, you are probably steady as a rock. Your habit of carefully conserving your resources will be an advantage if you are saddled with an unexpected large expense.

AQUARIUS: Stay out of the spotlight where you could be in the line of fire. This is not a good day to voice complaints or to stir up a controversy. Delay making important decisions or changes until after the weekend.

PISCES: Someone may tell a lie or stretch the truth if they feel cornered and put on the defensive. Wait until after the weekend to put business strategies in motion. Social events or outings may be your top priority.

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