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ARIES: Your place in the world depends on your reputation and what people think when they look at you. Your place within yourself is based on how you feel when you look within. Find ways to feed both.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It’s all about perspective and attitude. You may not be able to change everything that needs changing, but if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at often change. Seek out a more helpful viewpoint.

GEMINI: Solidify and maintain your reputation by being mindful of the promises you make. People will be happy to hear what you say but even happier if you are faithful to commitments. Take time to fully explain your ideas.

CANCER: Play every game by the book for now. Use practicality as a guide when making purchases instead of making emotional decisions. You may have some doubts or frustrations about a loved one who seems terse or too picky.

LEO: A united front can work wonders. Support your friends, and the good ones will support you in turn. It’s too easy to be blind to your assumptions. Analyze and challenge them, and you may learn something that changes your vantage point.

VIRGO: Problems in the world need your urgent help. Join up with others in your workplace or community to make a positive difference — every effort helps. Be warm and friendly to those you connect with.

LIBRA: You and your loved ones or friends may be eager to enjoy exciting adventures. Something new or unusual may pique your interest. Postpone romantic interludes to spend time exploring new vistas with friends.

SCORPIO: Your own brightness is not diminished just because someone else is in the spotlight. Those who are important in your life appreciate and recognize your persistence and perseverance, whether or not they acknowledge it.

SAGITTARIUS: Your best asset today is an ability to charm people with a creative turn of phrase and being trustworthy and discreet. Honor your commitments. You will beat the competition and earn credit for being honest and aboveboard.

CAPRICORN: Group gatherings may be enjoyable, although they could drain your resources. Don’t let the pressures of your ambition interfere with your personal life now. A loved one could be unpredictable and need some support.

AQUARIUS: To be sustainable, relationship energies must stay in balance over time. Some friends may be too needy, but others could support you in a heartbeat. By listening to others, you can learn something that can enrich your life.

PISCES: Since the low road always leads into a swamp, always choose to take the high road. Don’t waste time on something that has clearly become unproductive. A loved one may tell you what you want to hear.

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