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ARIES: Stay ahead of things. Don’t ignore a minor problem because it could snowball into something bigger in the week ahead. You may receive admiration and a pat on the back for being someone’s most trusted companion.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The spotlight might be on you in the upcoming week. Your best bet for success is to avoid making sudden changes or breaks from routines. Focus on the bigger picture rather than trying to become a viral influencer.

GEMINI: Live your life guided by logic and love. You may meet people in the week ahead who trigger your thinking processes and bring out your kindness. Enjoy making fascinating new friends and participating in group activities.

CANCER: Make this a “dress for success” week. The better you feel, the more confidence you exude, and that helps you overcome obstacles that may stand in your way. Surround yourself with supportive people this week.

LEO: Tune into and make use of shifting motivations in the coming week. You may have the experience and skill to get any job done, but you may be required to adjust to surprising changes. Relentless commitment can take you to the finish line.

VIRGO: Don’t waste time pushing against trivial issues. Decide what needs to be accomplished to achieve long-term goals and then get the ball rolling. A loved one may be energetic and active so provide some more space.

LIBRA: You may be more passionate about what you want than sensitive toward what others want this week. Loved ones may honor their promises and commitments — be sure you are equally reliable about keeping yours.

SCORPIO: Treat yourself to something simple and low key. Enjoy life’s humble pleasures unless they cause complications. In the week ahead, you may encounter unpredictable people or unexpected events and be forced to adjust your plans.

SAGITTARIUS: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. In the week to come, you should be able to handle both challenges and opportunities with cleverness and an eye for every advantage. Avoid beginning a new job or health regimen.

CAPRICORN: Remain within the limits in the week ahead. If you are ethical, responsible and upstanding, you can achieve your ambitions. Don’t let jealousy or suspicions keep you from trusting a loved one or rising to the challenge.

AQUARIUS: Some criticism might hurt but it may also provide a needed lesson. You could become frustrated if you try to break the rules or ignore an obstacle in the week ahead. Conditions within the home can change.

PISCES: You might start off the week with an energetic attitude. All hard work and no play, however, is not sustainable. Your financial decisions can be excellent if you avoid spending just because it appeals to your emotions. 

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