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ARIES: You may be surprised when something that looked too good to be true turns out better than expected. A romantic partner could be happy to work by your side on a key project. You might be introduced to new friends.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Lay all your cards on the table. You can call someone’s bluff and get ahead by being honest and straightforward. An ambitious project may be on your schedule but the sooner you start, the sooner it will be completed.

GEMINI: Life is like a buffet, so enjoy tasting a variety of experiences. Don’t hold back when there is a job to be done. Your enthusiasm, diligence and leadership skills could win applause and recognition from others.

CANCER: Analyze it and you can learn big from constructive criticism. It is best to share good ideas before they float away and scatter to the four winds. You might be surprised when someone thinks you have a profitable concept.

LEO: You can dwell in the past or look forward to creating a more satisfying future. Start by updating your priorities and goals and sharing them with a partner or loved one. Speaking your mind can clear out the cobwebs.

VIRGO: Stretch your body, not your resources. The moneymaking tasks that require the greatest effort may provide the greatest rewards. You may enjoy clearer communication and more comfortable companionship this weekend.

LIBRA: A little change can have a big impact. Update your outlook by making attitude adjustments that help you feel better. A new look or study can make you feel more relaxed and attractive to friends or a partner.

SCORPIO: The movers and shakers may stir things up. A shifting situation may have you feeling some anxiety but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Work hard and don’t try to conform to the expectations of others.

SAGITTARIUS: Tell your story, appropriately. Find common ground with new acquaintances by sharing a personal tale. An ongoing change in the workplace could give you a chance to get to know some of your coworkers better.

CAPRICORN: Stay on top of the budget. Worry about your financial security could creep up and disturb the harmony. You may be invited to join a networking club or be given the opportunity to attend a special social event.

AQUARIUS: Open your doors and your eyes. Spending time with friends might become the key factor that helps you unlock new value in your social contacts. An enticing investment may enhance your financial security.

PISCES: Get wiser by asking for wise advice. You may learn some new things about yourself when you talk to someone else. This is an excellent time to adjust your sails and choose a more pleasant destination.

IF OCT. 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your mind is perfectly poised to contemplate business policies or to perceptively analyze your financial situation in the week ahead. You probably won’t enjoy being sedentary in November, when your competitiveness and leadership skills come to the forefront, so you could really benefit from hitting the gym, walking or stretching whenever you have time. Exercise plus self-discipline can give you an advantage in December when routine tasks and responsibilities may start to pile up. Your excellent organization skills should allow you to find time for a vacation or romantic holiday outings in the second half of December. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a lottery ticket will pay your bills, or that an attraction represents true love in February. Focus on being sensible and cautious about financial decisions.

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