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ARIES: Loved ones might be elusive and hard to pin down. Avoid misunderstandings at work by concentrating on your job, staying in your lane and steering clear of financial schemes. Speak softly and show consideration for others.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: When you do the right thing, you don’t have to worry about the optics later. Don’t break up the monotony by doing something original but upsetting. People are most interested in results, not excuses.

GEMINI: The more positive you are that you’re right, the more likely you are wrong. Your seemingly best decision might be the worst, so it is wise to wait a few more days taking irrevocable steps. Focus on getting daily tasks completed.

CANCER: Discussions and brainstorming sessions should be postponed until the timing is better. It may be difficult to bring your thoughts out into the open or to be frank with other people. Focus on living up to your ideals.

LEO: An evolving technological landscape can alter your views. A proposed business project may face opposition or lack the necessary cooperation. Avoid turning it into a dispute since you can likely achieve a compromise next week.

VIRGO: Your financial situation may not be clear. Don’t give in to a temptation or use a card to buy something that might not live up to its advertising. The more money you have the more you think you can spend.

LIBRA: Avoid getting caught up in some social fad or pursuing an unrealistic goal. Familiar people and things may evade your understanding so you should think twice before taking further steps. Do not give in to unfounded worries.

SCORPIO: You can be more receptive to people’s moods right now. However, since people do not always say what they really mean, it can sometimes still be challenging to understand them. Dig down to decipher the facts.

SAGITTARIUS: Spend more time sorting truth from fiction. You may be briefly fascinated by mysteries or engrossed in glamorous fantasies — take notes to use later. Remember to pay your bills on time and balance the budget.

CAPRICORN: The facts usually speak for themselves. You can see through someone’s attempt to put a favorable spin on an unpleasant or deceptive situation. Steer clear of gossip and be sure to honor all your obligations.

AQUARIUS: Getting organized Is an important strategy for inner clarity; your mind reflects your world and vice versa. Regular tidying up and maintenance keeps things running smoothly and avoids unpleasant surprises.

PISCES: Embrace your authentic self. It never works, and often backfires, when you try to make a false impression that you cannot sustain. Your questions should be best answered by tuning in to your own inner wisdom

IF SEPT. 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Favorable cosmic winds fill your sails and help you glide smoothly through life during the next three to four weeks. People may tend to be more generous and supportive and any opportunity that appears is worth embracing because it should improve your future. This is a good time to form alliances with like-minded individuals or to put key plans and ideas into motion. December and early January bring enhanced success with business, career and financial matters because you are likely more practical and sensible. Your judgment may be skewed in the second half of January because you are likely to be overconfident and somewhat gullible, so you could regret any changes or decisions that you make.

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