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ARIES: Taking someone for granted might grate on their nerves; so will expecting too much from loved ones or coworkers. You could be too optimistic; be sure you really have the money to pay for everything you want.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Keep it humble and tether that ego – overconfidence in your position could cause you to receive a comeuppance. You should be prepared for the chance that your plans could fail and have a backup idea handy.

GEMINI: You are equipped with well-tailored skills that are appropriate for handling tight schedules and precision work. Dig into your bag of tricks and past experiences to overcome problems and build a better future.

CANCER: Only a poor craftsman blames his tools. You can make headway unless you are careless with your money, possessions or workmanship. Rather than buying something new, you can recycle or make something else work.

LEO: Maintain energies in balance. You may hope that a promise will be honored and have faith that optimism will be rewarded. Do not take generosity for granted when it is more appropriate to pay your own way.

VIRGO: Money may be wasted on an impulse item that you regret buying later. It isn’t necessary to show out or to be extravagant to impress someone. Your ability to dig into details and think before acting is more important.

LIBRA: Being enthusiastic can encourage others to do their best but overdoing it could leave you vulnerable if things go wrong. Remain levelheaded and have respect for matters of importance. Don’t be distracted by social events.

SCORPIO: Always aim to do your best and operate on the highest principles. Your wants and needs might be well under control and used to good purpose. A generous and forgiving spirit will help you handle difficult people.

SAGITTARIUS: Your horizons can be expanded. Read up on a subject to gain valuable insights or to make a hobby more enjoyable. Follow the lead of an experienced pal and try something new and different.

CAPRICORN: Show off your skills and experience – make the best use of your expertise by helping a friend or family member. You may be surprised to learn that you are highly desirable and attractive to a romantic partner.

AQUARIUS: Always walk your talk and practice what you preach. If you expect others to work hard, you need to do the same. This may be a good time to concentrate on being more organized so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

PISCES: Agree to disagree. A logical response to an emotional issue might put things in perspective. Focus on common interests rather than pointing out the differences. This is a good time to forgive and forget a mistake.

IF SEPT. 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Other people may show great confidence in your abilities — enjoy the extra attention and allow yourself to be more carefree during the next three to four weeks. During late October and early November, you may be filled with inspiration and romantically inclined, so a vacation or weekend getaway might address your needs. You could be more centered on financial gain and business affairs in late November and December when you can make astute and profitable decisions. January can bring some free time and unbridled optimism, but you may not see people or situations clearly and could be too trusting. If you meet a fascinating new hookup or have a job offer on the table, there may be unforeseen complications if you make longer-term commitments.

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