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ARIES: Remain in the loop by keeping in touch with your network of friends and business acquaintances. Because you are likely to be alert to helpful opportunities, you may be able to help a partner make a profitable decision.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Notice which of your opinions reflect those of your friends just so you will fit in. It’s great to display ample team spirit but doing your own thinking for yourself. Pick up the torch and carry on with a project.

GEMINI: To win a competition, you may need to do more and daydream less. Be understanding if someone doesn’t return your call because there might be a good reason. Use your own barometer to measure success.

CANCER: Want to receive? Try asking. This might be an auspicious time to discuss financial plans that require the cooperation of a partner or loved one. The days are growing shorter but there could be plenty of time for joint efforts.

LEO: Your generosity of spirit counts in your favor. You may be willing to use strong tactics to handle investments and get ahead on the job. This could be a good time to mend fences or to curry favor with some influential people.

VIRGO: Powerful friends or allies may champion your side during key debates. Go ahead and speak your mind as you can probably get a key point across concisely. You could be in the mood for love, but today is a day for friendships.

LIBRA: Assess your efforts clearly and honestly but don’t be overly critical if you’ve done your best. Put the finishing touches on work projects or tackle tasks that require someone by your side. You may not realize how popular you are.

SCORPIO: An exchange of ideas requires a spirit of give and take. What you don’t know, someone else can supply. Ask for someone’s advice or gather educated opinions before you make a decision about sizable expenditures.

SAGITTARIUS: Pick up the tab. A paycheck can show how much the boss values your time and expertise, but your knowledge and support can be priceless to loved ones. Any apologies that are offered should be accepted wholeheartedly.

CAPRICORN: Your footprints create a path that others can follow. Even if you sometimes don’t value your own efforts, your passion for success can be an inspiration to someone else. Take pride in being savvy about the ways of the world.

AQUARIUS: You may be overly humble or think that your accomplishments are not noticed. An optimistic companion can raise your spirits and may remind you that a problem is merely a pebble in the big scheme of things.

PISCES: Remain calm and deftly handle unexpected reactions or unforeseen changes. Ask for advice and support from a loved one with more experience. Remain poised to deal with emerging situations that challenge your patience.

IF SEPT. 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The next four to five weeks may bring the appearance of a new vision of a better life and more rewarding future. This could be the best time for a romantic vacation built for two or your best bet to take advantage of an opportunity for advancement or improvement in your status. November and December are good months to display your business, career and financial expertise. January, however, could be the best time to push the limits, ask for a raise, change jobs or reassess your investments. Once you put a new business idea into motion, you will stick to it like glue, which can help to guarantee success. Get all your ducks in a row so that during February, when you might have additional responsibilities and lower resilience, you will not need to make crucial changes or alterations.

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