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ARIES: Remain focused on reaching your objectives without arguing about them. Be prepared to honor all your commitments in the week ahead. If you take your time, you could earn everyone’s respect and admiration.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Do not blow off any obligations, even if you really want to escape routines and satisfy an urge to break out of a late-summer rut. Proceed cautiously — what seems good now may lose its luster later this week.

GEMINI: Prepare thoroughly and show up well-rehearsed. In the upcoming week, demonstrate your loyalty and integrity if you want to impress your friends and loved ones. Notice the tiny miracles of everyday life.

CANCER: A debate can develop into a drama. Someone might get triggered and seem like a competitor when you merely want to have a conversation. In the coming week, you may need to focus on achieving congenial compromises.

LEO: If you love them, you won’t leave them. Business relationships may become tense in the week ahead, but a romantic partnership could become closer. Remain reasonable about your expectations and keep your promises.

VIRGO: Be open to love. Your romantic nature may get a glow-up in the week to come. You may want to be admired for being an active participant but you should not take on additional duties or make crucial decisions today.

LIBRA: Rather than reacting quickly, take more time to respond. A relationship may be on rocky ground today, but the path could become smoother as the week unfolds. Loved ones might prove that they are trustworthy and sincere.

SCORPIO: Don’t get involved in a family squabble. You may be itching to take matters into your own hands, but it is better to relax and be patient and stay in your lane. By the end of the week, a tense situation will probably be resolved.

SAGITTARIUS: You may demonstrate good taste in the week ahead but could also spend money that was put aside for something else. You can’t foresee everything, but you can learn from everything to do it better next time.

CAPRICORN: Good etiquette is essential. Go the extra mile to keep others fully informed now. People who seem impersonal or impatient could get under your skin, but you may need their good will later this week.

AQUARIUS: Respond based on who you are, not on who they are. As the week unfolds, you may encounter people who test your strength of character; do not give in to temptation. Focus on having a happy and pleasant family life.

PISCES: You could project your fantasies on others in the upcoming week. You may have a blind spot and only see what you hope to see. Today isn’t a good time to start a new business relationship or make any major decisions.

IF SEPT. 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY:  You may be competitive and ambitious during the next three to four weeks, but you could easily misjudge the character of people you deal with. You may be focused on material success but should hold off on making any crucial changes until October. That is a time when people will likely look on you favorably and when you can impress potential employers and partners with your abilities. Your business strategies are best put into action then too, since your business sense and financial expertise could be at a peak. Avoid new romantic entanglements and get-rich schemes in November when you may be too easily fooled by appearances. Look for a chance to achieve your dreams or to receive the answer to your prayers in late February. That is the time to launch your plans for the best expectation of success or to experience exciting new people and helpful opportunities.

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