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ARIES: Tackle any project that requires quick thinking and a gift for gab. Social gatherings may require extra tact and diplomacy since they might involve people from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may need to honor the wishes of someone who has more authority than you, although you could feel tempted to rebel. Face the facts since no one can control everything — or everyone. Rank does have its privileges.

GEMINI: Adjust your tactics to achieve smoother sailing. You may need to change course in order to work with the prevailing winds of the time. Facing up to current conditions can help you make the strongest decisions.

CANCER: Enjoy socializing when you are in a group gathering. Don’t set the bar too high or someone might not be able to meet your expectations. You may discover an unexpected change to your investments or income.

LEO: The more difficult the challenge, the greater the satisfaction when you conquer it. You may be bombarded by new requirements and unexpected changes. Stand your ground and wait to act until everything blows over.

VIRGO: Actions may speak louder than words, but what you say can make a huge difference to the outcome. Make it your business to have the facts on hand. Keep both your cash and credit cards on ice today.

LIBRA: Consider whether you’d rather sit on the sidelines waiting or be more direct and proactive. Romance may not be on your dance card today, but someone interesting might strike up a conversation. Focus on making some new friends.

SCORPIO: You might have your best role as a supporting player. You may not have the spotlight on you, but you can support a partner or loved one on center stage. Wait to make decisions until an impending change is complete.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone could be charmed by your cleverness and knowledge in a business setting. If you’re fully prepared, this might be a good day to approach a new business client or to present your latest ideas to a close friend.

CAPRICORN: Avoid being snared by someone’s intricate maneuvering. It is easier to attain your objectives by being straightforward. Energy levels and ambitions are high so much can be accomplished during the next few days.

AQUARIUS: Put yourself in a better position. Develop allies with the appropriate people who share your beliefs and gather to help a good cause. Give family members their head and let them pick and choose their goals.

PISCES: Your daydreaming can affect your job or ability to work. You may imagine that some changes will benefit you, but they might do the opposite. Wait for better timing to make crucial decisions that affect your future.

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