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ARIES: Plant a garden but don’t put down your sword. Stay close to those who share your vision of the future but take some promises and assurances with a grain of salt. Some people may only tell you what you want to hear.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may feel driven to make your dreams of change a reality. You might believe your tactics are carefully planned, but some strategies may irritate someone or backfire. A trusted partner could offer the best counsel.

GEMINI: Competitive situations and handling tasks quickly may be your strong suit but don’t ignore matters of love and romance. Someone might be dropping names or exaggerating their status, but you can easily detect the truth.

CANCER: Remain content with what you have. You don’t need to use sketchy tactics or go overboard to build wealth. Solidify an alliance by going along with someone’s ambitious ideas and you might receive an opportunity to socialize.

LEO: Love is a mystery that you may be eager to explore. However, you might occasionally confuse friendship with love or possessiveness for affection. Examine your motives and be clear about your intentions and feelings.

VIRGO: Few things are impossible when you are blessed with brainpower and vision. You may occasionally become enthused by extravagant ideas but a partner or loved one might quickly remind you of the practical considerations.

LIBRA: Life is easier when you can be authentic. Your desire to achieve something worthwhile is fueled by an eagerness that almost seems like a renewable resource. You are at your best when you feel free to be honest.

SCORPIO: With objectivity, you can negotiate a comfortable compromise with an unpredictable person. You invest most emotions in loving partnerships. Group activities can teach you about the value of casual relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: Your motto could be “the more the merrier.” You are eager to interact with others, but don’t be so optimistic and carefree that you ignore crucial details. You or someone else may be tempted to make exaggerated claims.

CAPRICORN: It is always wise to allow ample wiggle room. You may need to revise decisions so let go of the pickiest and least important details. You are sensitive to subtle signals and able to express your affection and feelings.

AQUARIUS: Treat everyone like a friend. The way you handle business situations and finances can demonstrate character. Be straightforward and honest because even little white lies can cause unnecessary complications.

PISCES: Enrich your life, but without going over the top. Someone may encourage you or even grind you to be extravagant. Use your common sense to handle work-related issues that require cut-and-dried logic.

IF SEPT. 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Expending too much energy on a dispute or being too aggressive could prove costly during the upcoming two to three weeks. However, new friendships and connections might become a lifelong source of comfort and support. Daydreaming can distract you from the subjects that are important in late October and early November when you might be too trusting or could fall prey to wishful thinking. Friendly group gatherings and local events may take up a great deal of your time during December. You might be inspired to attempt great things, or to make business, career or financial improvements as the new year arrives. January may be an excellent time to escape on a vacation or a romantic weekend in the country. This is an excellent time for cool and sensible reappraisals of your investments, but a new romance is also possible. The first half of February might bring the answer to your prayers or a sterling opportunity to improve your life.

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