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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Everyone wants to hang out with a winner. Look the part to win someone’s confidence. Your friends already believe you will deliver what you promise. This is a good day for social outings and shopping trips.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your phone might start ringing and VMs start piling up. Surprise invitations may give you a chance to enjoy exciting activities or trigger a new hobby or interest. Loved ones are likely to hang on your every word.

GEMINI: Inquiring minds want more information and are willing to dig deep. Loved ones have an interest in your family background and your opinions so be ready to answer questions. Finances could begin to look more secure.

CANCER: Remain optimistic and your faith can be rewarded. Even when you aren’t in the mood for a social outing, you may have a romantic partner who is anxious to keep you company. Team up with others for the best results.

LEO: The greatest satisfaction may come from the rewards you earn through your own efforts. You might take pride in your family connections but try not to display a sense of entitlement. Focus on romance and affection.

VIRGO: You can stand out in a crowd. People like to spend time with successful people, so it is to your advantage to look your best. This can be a good day to make promises or tie up funds in a binding financial arrangement.

LIBRA: Forge forward with an attitude that reflects forgiving and forgetting. A partner or loved one is willing to pardon your past mistakes or misunderstandings. This could be a good time to repay a debt or settle a bill.

SCORPIO: Get out there, be proud of yourself, toot your own horn and don’t let a social outing seem like a spectator sport. Join in with group activities and make new friends by sharing your thoughts and deeds.

SAGITTARIUS: You are a friend indeed if you often lend a helping hand. Unplug and engage in the world around you. You may decide to buy something that excites your passions. Trust that you can make sound decisions.

CAPRICORN: Someone might be attracted to an air of mystery and intense passion for success. You may think you are just being yourself, but other people could find you tantalizing. Enjoy romance and social activities.

AQUARIUS: A trusted adviser can point you in the right direction. Don’t think you cannot enjoy yourself just because of a lack of funds or a tight schedule. Find creative ways to have fun and meet new people this weekend.

PISCES: If you’ve briefly lost your sense of purpose, a friend or partner may help you find it. A loved one might trigger your enthusiasm or a friend might introduce you to a new set of acquaintances who spark new interests.

IF SEPT. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Because you should have opportunities for advancement and the imagination to use it, you can likely make great progress during the upcoming four to six weeks. You can enjoy a vacation or give yourself a treat for all your hard work, too. You could use clever tactics to achieve material success in November and December. You could be carefree and optimistic in late December and early January but also take your good luck and opportunities for granted. Be cautious in the first half of January when you might become entangled in a get-rich scheme or romance that is not what it seems. Make sure your bills are covered and all your commitments are honored so that you can withstand any scrutiny in the first half of March.