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ARIES: You can’t hurry love, or success. Do not rush the process or recklessly tempt fate. Get some feedback from someone with more expertise and experience before you set the wheels into motion on a new initiative.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Follow your heart. You may become fascinated by something unusual or innovative, but a loved one could feel excluded. Find a balance between marching to a different drummer and working cooperatively.

GEMINI: Someone may marvel at your intelligence when it is simple common sense that is doing all the work. Maximize your enjoyment of the weekend by finishing your tasks early. Put crucial decisions on the back-burner.

CANCER: Give and forgive. A partner or loved one may not be able to be sensitive to your moods when they are unsettled and feeling competitive. Put the brakes on spending. A financial matter might require your careful consideration.

LEO: Traditions can be dependable and comforting, but all things need to change, evolve and grow to remain relevant. Something that seems innovative and original today can become tomorrow’s status quo. Learn a valuable lesson; try something new.

VIRGO: Issues that have been building to a peak might come to a head today or soon. If something or someone has continually caused a problem, you may be tempted to make a clean break. Consider carefully.

LIBRA: Things might not turn out as you planned. Don’t expect everyone to accept your latest ideas as they may have concerns that you didn’t anticipate. Avoid giving someone the cold shoulder due to a minor disagreement.

SCORPIO: You might forget about romantic togetherness when someone introduces you to something new and different. Get a boost of confidence by meeting people outside your normal circle and embracing new perspectives.

SAGITTARIUS: Budget your time as well as your money wisely. You may be tempted to splurge on a hobby or take risks. Do whatever is expected but don’t go to extremes just to have an afternoon indulging in fun.

CAPRICORN: Clear your head by clearing the decks — if your home or office has become disorganized, this might be a good time to remedy the situation. Avoid making major purchases or investments for the next few days.

AQUARIUS: Make the best of the current situation even if you are feeling controlled by others or by circumstances. Don’t consider giving up something that is dependable as a rock for something that leaves you climbing a slippery slope.

PISCES: Learn from criticism — it’s a golden opportunity if you just deconstruct the situation and don’t shame yourself. Don’t make a big decision when you’re in an emotional state. You might feel more reflective than usual.

IF SEPT. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your romantic dreams and imagination can lead you to making a breakthrough during the next five to six weeks. A focus on career ambitions may be matched by an attraction to something new and inspiring. In your quest for independence, and to gain greater freedoms, you may become more practical and smarter about moneymaking activities as November arrives. Avoid wild goose chases and romantic entanglements in December when you may be fooled by surface appearances and overlook the fine print. Late January or early February is a good time for romantic vacations. In March, you might receive a truly beneficial opportunity that appears unimportant at first glance. Ask for advice from friends and family before you turn it down, as it might be a blessing in disguise.

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