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ARIES: Forgiveness can cure many problems. An openness and willingness to concede a point can influence other people’s opinions. A partner or loved one may have a brilliant idea that will solve a worrisome financial matter.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Get out of your head and get on with it. Wishful thinking may have thrown you off the pace — since you are most likely under scrutiny, you should snap to it. However, now you can probably see your options more clearly.

GEMINI: You can make headway when you understand the difference between facts and fantasies. Any information you receive may be biased so do the homework to nail down the truth before arriving at conclusions.

CANCER: It is easier to be charitable and generous when you feel secure with your finances and comfortable within your relationships. Pay it forward — find ways to treat clients or co-workers to something special.

LEO: This isn’t the time to sweep troubles under the rug. Problems could multiply if you ignore them. Offer apologies when needed to keep relationships on an even keel and honor obligations before moving on to new business.

VIRGO: Build your confidence and forge ahead. If you face any misconceptions that have held you back, detour around them. Move full throttle into a relationship with someone who has your best interests at heart.

LIBRA: Examine any issue that was placed on the back burner. Fresh insights and a shift of perspective may illuminate a constructive solution. Prove that you are a team player, and you can restore harmony with a supporter.

SCORPIO: Set reasonable standards and expectations for yourself and others. Offer constructive advice rather than picky criticisms or run the risk of a revolt. Someone may share your passion for a cause.

SAGITTARIUS: Home base can become your center of serenity. You may juggle an urge to be extravagant toward loved ones with a desire to mind your money. Someone may inspire you with ingenious and original concepts.

CAPRICORN: Enlist friends and acquaintances to help you accomplish your goals. Fix a something on its way out before it breaks down completely. It is wise to keep a close eye on the money in your bank account now.

AQUARIUS: Uphold your commitments. You may have some exciting and creative ideas but focus on handling your responsibilities first. A sincere apology can alter the atmosphere. Lay a problem to rest by admitting and learning from any errors.

PISCES: Faith alone won’t solve the world’s problems, but you may be able to resolve a few difficulties that land on your doorstep and are in your wheelhouse. Lend some money or a sympathetic ear to someone in need.

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