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ARIES: Use your networking skills to expedite your upward mobility. You may offer to pick up the tab at lunch, but you should not be too obvious about your hopes to cash in on your contacts. Squash any impulse buying bug.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: All eyes could be on you, but not everyone will see you as you are. Your unique outlook and flair for originality might make you seem glamorous to some people, but do not let compliments go to your head.

GEMINI: Keep an open heart and mind. You may mistake a joke for the truth, so be alert for someone teasing you. When you are being too serious and businesslike, you might be blind to someone’s friendly sociable overtures.

CANCER: You can be practical without being misunderstood. Avoid making impulsive decisions. You may have a smart idea, but to avoid crossed signals, you should discuss it with a partner before putting it into action.

LEO: Be careful what you wish for. Be sure that new goals and objectives are worth the energy because a change could disrupt something that is working in your favor. If you love being the center of attention, you could be in your element.

VIRGO: Live your life for others. Your money is best used to bring joy into someone’s life and happiness into someone’s heart. Changes in your job description or your workplace could be disruptive or temporarily upsetting.

LIBRA: You may be an expert at “meet and greet.” Create a congenial atmosphere to break the ice and set people at ease. A new contact could have more than business on their mind so do not be surprised by flirtatious behavior.

SCORPIO: It may be tempting to go off on your own to follow whatever sparks your interest, but a partner or loved one might find your abrupt departure confusing. Some group activities could cost much more than you expect.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a bow and perhaps a curtain call. Your celeb-level charisma may only be obvious when you get a starring role at your job or workplace. Unexpected visitors could bring smiles and fun to your home and family.

CAPRICORN: Take care of what you have. Rather than buying something new, find a way to work with what you already own. If some trade or agreement isn’t feeling fair or balanced, think it through and set a win-win boundary.

AQUARIUS: It is great to be dedicated to your work but remember to relax and invite a sense of humor too. Friends may be obsessed by serious issues that have no easy solution. Lighten the mood by adopting a neutral stance.

PISCES: It may be too easy to clutter your life with objects that do not speak to your truest heart. Hold off on purchasing “things” and focus on achieving personal growth. Loved ones might offer inspiring and uplifting ideas.

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