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ARIES: A leg up from meeting the right person can offer significant help, while living beyond your means in order to impress someone might only be a race between promotion and collection agencies. Do your best to network sensibly.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Some people may behave so irresponsibly that it could seem intentional. There might be issues pulling them in a dozen directions and stress cracks can be showing through. Offer assistance or forgiveness whenever possible.

GEMINI: Regardless of how hard you tried or your intention in a situation people may only remember if you broke your word or failed to honor a promise. Do your best to remain meticulous with oaths and prove your reliability.

CANCER: An attempt to bring everyone together could result in expenses you may not have planned for. Keep the bottom line and potential profits in mind before you throw more money at something that might not actually be a problem.

LEO: Regardless of how sensible you may intend your decisions to be if you fail to understand how it can impact others you could come off inconsiderate. Before you make a decision, consider the human consequences.

VIRGO: If someone does not accept your idea or criticizes your work, do your best to avoid becoming disappointed. An opportunity or casual offer may offer something worthwhile that could help you fulfill your dreams.

LIBRA: This is not the time to start spending winnings you might not have actually won yet. If the raise does not happen or the check does not arrive the bill could still show up. Until the check posts it is not fully yours.

SCORPIO:  It can be easy to cast blame if the unexpected interrupts your precise planning, but it is wise to remember that some things may be outside your control. Forgive those who get caught up in changes when you can.

SAGITTARIUS: Throwing money you may not have at problems that you are unsure how to fix can be an unwise decision right now. Don’t put yourself in debt. Take time to make an informed decision and find the best solution.

CAPRICORN: Admitting you cannot do something could feel like weakness, but it’s far better to be honest rather than try to explain a failure. Promising something you cannot deliver can only blemish your reputation.

AQUARIUS: Take stock of your priorities and focus for now so you do not start your day staring at a larger pile than you can handle. Family issues could be distracting but you should have the energy and resources to make real progress.

PISCES: You may be feeling stretched to your limits right now. Short-lived tension or demands might create more than one headache. You could learn something that can help produce a lasting peace of mind later on.

IF NOVEMBER 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be in peak form and ready to make your mark with a career choice or appeal to the public as the next two to three weeks unfold. People may trust you, so it could be easy to impress a blind date, a prospective boss or potential business partners. In late December when your judgment could be better than usual you may have a chance to land a better position, upgrade your living conditions, or generally improve your current circumstances. You may prefer to coast on your abundance of good luck and spend time with family than strive to get ahead in the material world. In January you should consider taking advantage of your sterling reputation and making headway by forming helpful connections and latching onto any openings in your field. Work hard in February and you may have some time for a romantic outing in March.

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