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ARIES: Getting to sit in the big chair can be the best plan if you focus on gaining a reputation for trustworthiness. Remain diligent and give them a chance to see that you are simply the best at what you do.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It may be wise to ask for advice or reassurance from trusted friends before taking a chance on a risky proposal. No matter what the competition might feel like, there can always be another opportunity waiting for everyone.

GEMINI: Journaling can be a useful tool for gathering thoughts. Write a new page every day without review and you could look back and see repeating themes. It might reveal some new insights into your career or relationships.

CANCER: Once you’re out of school, incomplete work no longer doesn’t just affect a grade. Failure to finish an assignment is failing. It can be up to you to do what you need to do to concentrate and complete things properly and on time.

LEO: Whether it is shapes in the clouds or a new engine, the spark of genius may be waiting to blossom. Try not to focus on just one goal and keep playing with the all the ideas you might have been telling your loved ones about.

VIRGO: It might be a fantastic idea to take classes that interest you instead of ones that can earn you extra credentials. Learning something new and expanding how you think can open you up to the latest ideas and experiences.

LIBRA: You might feel buried in your routines right now. Look beyond your screen and discover everything outside your familiar habitat. Now could be a great time to explore your neighborhood or check out the newest hot spot.

SCORPIO: Chess masters can play entire games in their heads and adjust their strategy as the situations change. You may not need to plan all your moves in advance, but at least understand your stance to achieve better results.

SAGITTARIUS: We live in an age where gatekeepers have less power. It may not be up to the higher ups to decide who can be allowed to create. You might be the only one keeping your latest creations from reaching their best audiences.

CAPRICORN: The coolest stuff may not always be in front of your face, it could be between your ears. It can be up to you to get that great idea out of your head and onto the page. Be willing to experiment and embrace the latest trends.

AQUARIUS: What you see may help you determine how you think. Rather than leaving things in a notebook sitting on your desk buried under loose papers, you can put them on your vision board to continue inspiring you.

PISCES: You may be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out right now. Things could be getting lost in the piles on your desk or on your bedroom floor. Do what you can to have a quiet day to get organized, then take a moment to relax.

IF OCTOBER 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be filled with a new sense of purpose, ready to embrace new experiences, and willing to make major changes as the upcoming six to eight weeks unfold. Because your best qualities may be in the spotlight you could be on the fast track where your career, relationships, and finances are concerned. Consider applying for a new job or introducing a new offering to the public. Romantic dreams could motivate you to try something new in November, when a vacation or creative project could serve your needs. A change in status could propel you forward in December if you are willing and able to take giant steps that increase your level of happiness. Much can be accomplished in January when your energy reserves should be at a high point, while February might be an ideal time to make key changes or meet influential people who improve your reputation.

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