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ARIES: There are limits to what you can control, in your own home or the outside world. The one thing within your control is yourself. Though you cannot control people, you might be able to find a compromise that works for everyone.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might be feeling like a child in a candy store. Be wary of people whose moral compass might not always point true north. You could be more gullible than usual right now so stay vigilant when meeting new people.

GEMINI: Many people know someone who knows someone who can get the job done. If you pay attention, you can become the person everyone calls when they need assistance. Make connections and you could gather favors to aid you in the future.

CANCER: If you walk away from the card table, you will lose your bet no matter what hand you have. You have to keep playing the game if you want the chance to win. Do your best to finish what you start, and you can reach your goal.

LEO: Hiding the facts always comes back to bite you; remain truthful. It might be wise to avoid romantic escapades for now. The latest gizmos and gadgets could catch your eye if you are fascinated by the new and unusual.

VIRGO: Change may not always be dramatic. Before you sell everything and start all over in a new place, take a look at the small things you can do to improve your current situation. Great civilizations were not built in just one day.

LIBRA: The excitement of projects can fade and the urge may arise to abandon them to search for something new and interesting. Do not discard what you have done; instead take a step back and give things another look.

SCORPIO: The changing seasons can mean more than just rotating your wardrobe. Consider taking things in a brand-new direction; let your perspective change with the weather. A new outlook could lead you to a shiny new outcome.

SAGITTARIUS: You may have rituals you perform before undertaking a new task; things that can help you clear your decks. Be sure you are not using them as distractions; focus on completing the project at hand.

Lessons of history are not just about wars or politics. Look for the patterns in your work or relationships and discover repeating issues that need working through. Expand on the good and avoid enlarging the bad.

The ones who think up the get rich quick schemes might not be anything more than hustlers trying to sell their newest book or masterclass. Avoid chasing the latest fads and work to achieve your goals through steady and disciplined work.

PISCES: Spinning the facts to affect the outcome in your favor may not hold up to someone’s questioning. Remain truthful to avoid a conflict. Try not to make any impulsive changes or become entangled in a complicated scheme right now.

IF OCTOBER 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be excited by a new financial plan or an upcoming change in your life as the next three to four weeks roll by. A few pleasant surprises could uplift your spirits as you welcome new routines and ideas. A direct approach could be best in November when your enthusiasm may be high. Consider planning a weekend getaway with a loved one for late in the month when you might enjoy an inspiring break from daily drudgery. December is an exciting time to be your real self and try to empower others who may emulate your lead. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work in January. You could watch your popularity grow as February arrives and you may widen the scope of your social connections. Relax while you can because March could promise to be busy and you may have extra responsibilities.

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