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ARIES: Accept an apology even if there were a few sharp words. If you are feeling doubtful about your budget decisions or desired purchases, you can reach out to a trusted friend for some advice without hesitation.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Accept any compliments or offers that come your way with open arms. Remain appreciative of any good in your path. Your generous urges or romantic thoughts may receive plenty of opportunities for expression.

GEMINI: Friendliness and good manners always pay off. Remain kind and try to avoid any mean-spirited moments, someone could decide that turnabout is fair play. Try not to invest your resources in a fleeting fad.

CANCER: Do not spread any gossip right now. Bad news and lies travel too fast to be disputed even after they are disproved. Remain as diplomatic as you can if you must discuss any issues with a loved one.

LEO: It might not be wise to let your sympathies overtake your common sense, but you do not need to ignore someone’s sincere requests. Focus your efforts on building up resources rather than spending money on trinkets.

You can remain agreeable or understanding without committing yourself to an extra responsibility. Feed your inner esteem instead of trying to keep up with your peers by having the best and newest goodies.

LIBRA: If you are in a hurry, you could end up stepping on someone’s toes. Now may be the time to kiss and make up if you have accidentally hurt someone’s feelings. An impulsive purchase might not suit your taste in the future.

SCORPIO: You can tap into your inner child’s vast imagination and enjoy some creative hobbies. Your spare time interests could turn into artistic ambitions, competitive sports or simply reading a new book at home.

SAGITTARIUS: A relationship could move to a higher level of intimacy if you are willing to spend some extra time clearing up a minor misunderstanding. You may trust everyone will honor their promises the way you honor yours.

CAPRICORN: More can be accomplished now through cooperation and fitting in with the rest of the pack rather than being a lone wolf. If you become possessed by an urge to be contrary do your best to remain more considerate and sensitive.

AQUARIUS: Some things cannot be measured in money. If you are truly in need your requests can be answered by your loyal friends or trusted companions. They could be supportive and give you all the benefits of their experiences.

PISCES: You may frequently be reminded that achieving your ambitions can be important. But if it comes to making a choice between living with integrity, or using more ruthless tactics, always choose adhering to higher standards.

IF SEPTEMBER 30 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You tend to be more romantic at heart and more understanding of others, so the next two to three weeks could be a good time to grow closer to your loved ones. A vacation or weekend outing can exceed your expectations. Since you are more sensitive to your environment than usual this may also be a good time to implement health regimens that can improve your well-being. Widen your network of friends and business contacts in October when your friendly face may be welcomed into clubs, organizations, and group activities. Late November when your judgment and wisdom should be at a high point, might be the best time to make decisions that can favorably impact your financial future. This could be a good time to put plans into motion that might reap lasting benefits. Late January is another time when you should consider embracing any opportunities that come along.

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