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ARIES: A partner or loved one might encourage you to make an impulsive purchase or experiment with something new and unusual or trendy. A homie who may share your goals could be willing to grow even closer.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It is amazing to see how true the concept of six degrees of separation can be. Try asking around. You may know someone who knows someone who could get your foot in the correct door with just a couple of calls.

GEMINI: It takes a village; we are all interlinked; nothing really happens without other people's help. Let your supporters know how much their assistance means, since there is no success without them.

CANCER: If you see something that attracts your interest, you could be tempted to be frivolous with the money in your pocket. A romantic partner can set the stage for love and help you maintain your tranquility.

LEO: In the game of love one person may chase until the other is caught. You might enjoy a romantic evening with a loved one. If you are currently unattached seek out a fun-loving friend to have a night out with.

VIRGO: Demonstrate unconditional love if you are feeling like your values could be being evaluated. Someone may provide you with the mirror that can reveal your flaws but also the beauty of your ideas.

LIBRA: As a relationship evolves you and a partner could learn that your needs are not what you first expected. If you are not willing to change you cannot expect them to. Find a compromise that can allow you both to grow.

You might enjoy some creative activities but expressing love or affection for someone could be at the top of your list. You may be just as pleased being a member of a group as you are with casual acquaintances.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve likely have planted your seeds in fertile ground. The call you are waiting for could be coming in; be ready to take on any new responsibilities it might bring. The opportunity you deserve can be on the way.

CAPRICORN: It may be better to maintain your momentum rather than to take a break and play catch up later. You can act in your own best interests while still remaining fair and even-handed with others.

AQUARIUS: Your partner or a special someone may be more inspiring or creative than usual. Romance could be coming your way soon, so you do not have to worry about spending a few extra dollars on a daydream.

PISCES: A whisper of sweet nothings could mean something later. This may not be the right time to play hard to get. You might have an intuitive understanding of someone’s feelings. Be sensible about business negotiations.

IF SEPTEMBER 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Focus on accomplishment during the coming three weeks as a practical spirit takes hold of your heart. A wider range of social contacts is possible, but new friends will not necessarily lead to a new romance. Since your intelligence can be enhanced, it should be a favorable time to execute new financial strategies. Your judgment is excellent in late October, so put key plans into motion or make crucial decisions about your money, relationships, or career. Love and romance could be key motivators in November, when a new playmate could have the potential for a long-term partnership, if you’re currently single. Since your best qualities should be highlighted, late November could be an excellent time to apply for a new job or change careers. If things do not work out, wait for February for another possible opportunity to change your life for the better.

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