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ARIES: A song you have been hearing in your head could be a reminder of a significant moment in your life. Think carefully about what the song used to mean to you, there might be something more that you feel called to do.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If it feels like you are sailing along smoothly, the wind could suddenly shift, and you may end up running aground. Show your character and prove what you are made of by resisting corruption or unethical influences.

GEMINI: One advantage of an extensive career may be the chance to meet more key people. Save yourself some time and start collecting important names at meetings so you know who to call if things begin to get exciting.

CANCER: If you meet a challenge successfully, celebrate, especially when no one else seems to notice. It could be up to you to share your triumphs and spread the word. Do not discard something that can still be useful.

LEO: You never know who is dealing with what or where someone will end up. Be kind to everybody. An intern can grow up and get a title and they may remember you with fondness when others walked right on by.

VIRGO: Manage the toughest situations and you could receive the highest praise. You may have dreamt about a Tony or an Oscar, but you need to put in the work and take the time to meet the right people to gain a nomination.

People may want to have a successful novel but do not want to write. To reach your goals you need to do more than just plan for your inevitable fame and put in the actual work. Stop dreaming and return to your desk.

SCORPIO: You are not in charge of someone else’s happiness. If they show up with a dark cloud above their head, give them the room, they may need to work through their difficult day. Do your best to remain cheerful.

SAGITTARIUS: Some of the busiest people might try to disguise how things are really going behind the scenes. It may be time to start focusing on documenting all your duties so any possible failures cannot be blamed on you.

CAPRICORN: You could be intensely and passionately focused on your goals. Reaching career, school or creative objectives can make heavy demands on your time or emotions for now but provide bountiful rewards in the future.

AQUARIUS: If money is uncertain people can start looking for reasons to make cuts or excuses to keep people they like. Even if you are not able to be the favorite be careful that you are not chosen to get a pink slip.

PISCES: Once you get the hang of it, juggling three balls at once could become a simple act. Learn to manage it if life starts pitching extra balls at you and an endless barrage of problems can stop soon and be easier.

IF AUGUST 23 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: There could be a rhythm in your step during the coming three to four weeks, as you dream about romantic meetings or develop creative ideas. Your leadership skills could be highlighted in late September and the first half of October, when your accomplishments reflect well on your character and reputation. A new romantic partner or exciting vacation could bring you closer to making your dreams come true. Use energy wisely in late November when you may be defensive and tempted to take missteps; clear out the garage, gather expense records, or change the oil. December should be an enjoyable time for social outings and to surround yourself with casual friends at community events. Do not dawdle or ignore duties in January when your activities could be scrutinized.

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