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ARIES: You may have abilities that your current position might not be utilizing. It might be time to decide on whether you expand your duties or move to a place where your talents are needed. Only you can choose.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: There could be an upcoming event with significant implications for the future. It may not be enough to have a plan. You need to factor in the possibility of unexpected turns. Try not to let surprises overwhelm you.

GEMINI: Share your affection and you can enjoy someone’s appreciation. Build a solid reputation for being a role model and you could climb the ladder of success through networking with influential and helpful friends.

CANCER: Promises are like checks, if you keep bouncing them, no one will accept your payment. Don’t let your word ever translate into a false assurance; don’t let your agreements deteriorate into meaningless clichés.

LEO: Once you learn to practice sincerity everything else can seem simple. Take off your masks, avoid the shortcuts, and  let them know how you really feel. Do your best to remain honest and sincere with everyone.

VIRGO: Stop standing in your own way. You have gone through the checklist a thousand times, everything could be ready to make your plans a reality. There may be nothing in your path. The only interference you could face is you.

LIBRA: You could be doing more than your fair share right now, but that may be because you are feeling inspired and have a vision of the desired result. Find your way around other’s possible excuses and get things done.

SCORPIO: Friends and family could be watching and may think you are slipping out of balance. Whether it is work or a relationship causing you to lose traction, listen to your loved ones to help guide you.

SAGITTARIUS: People may keep telling you how you should live your life. While they mean well, only you can truly understand what you want and who you are really meant to be. Be yourself first and the rest will sort itself out.

CAPRICORN: It could be easy to become busy or overwhelmed and borrow things to get the job done. Whether you casually picked up a coworkers’ pen or a major idea you may need to make amends to mend the relationship.

AQUARIUS: The unexpected, by definition, is always a surprise. Whether it is car trouble, a fridge malfunction, or a cellphone, you may need to put some money aside. When you’re prepared, a potential catastrophe can be merely annoying.

PISCES: You know your proper course. It may be time to seek out the advice of your most trusted loved ones and friends, but avoid allowing the negative voices of others that could lead you down an unfortunate path.

IF SEPTEMBER 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might be motivated by ambition in the upcoming two to three weeks, when you could make astute financial and business decisions. Develop your strategies and consider pushing the start button in October when you may be wiser than usual and anything you initiate is more likely to succeed. Embrace any opportunities or offers that come your way in the first half of October since they can enrich your life, bringing peace and contentment. Your imagination and romantic yearnings could be in overdrive in November, when you could benefit from being around inspiring people and places by taking a vacation. Restrain your competitiveness in December when calculating business tactics can backfire. You may feel energized as you begin a new cycle in January. That could be an excellent time to focus on physical exercise and developing healthy habits.

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