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ARIES: Your energy and enthusiasm could seem drained by workplace disagreements. A business proposal may sound like music to your ears, but decisions or changes could hit a sour note you were not expecting.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The debts you may owe are not just on the paper you sign at the bank or when you purchase a car. You could have obligations to face. It might not be a legal duty, but there can be a moral promise to repay.

GEMINI: You could see that you have unexpected options if you just take a look around. Make sure your finances are in order and you have a detailed plan in place before deciding on what the next step needs to be.

CANCER: Pay extra attention to your budget to maintain a good grasp of your overall financial situation. You may be feeling that your needs or requests are being ignored if a loved one is focused on an absorbing task.

LEO: It can pay to keep your options open. You may think your business skills are at their best but could end up regretting putting your assets on the line later. Wait for better timing before moving money around.

VIRGO: It can be easy for expenses to pile up and quickly become a calamity if you do not have the funds available to get over the hurdle. It may be wise to keep an eye on your finances to make sure you are prepared.

LIBRA: People may think that they can only get into trouble if they say yes and that a “no” means that nothing could happen. Prove to them that you deserve the “yes.” They could see the advantages of giving you a chance.

SCORPIO: This may not be the time to make a move. Keep organizing or making the important calls, but save the leap for another day. Your plans could be sound, but you might have a variety of unexpected issues to overcome.

SAGITTARIUS: It can feel awkward if people grumble at you. You may not even know why, and it may not be your fault. If you find it hard to remain understanding, it might be best to stay out of their way until their mood improves.

CAPRICORN: Learning how the system operates could give you a better understanding of the reasoning behind the rules. Now is not the time to cut any corners. Following the proper procedures can save you a lot of time.

AQUARIUS: Challenging situations might be coming your way. Make sure you are prepared to answer questions and prove that you have been playing by the rules. Study intel carefully and you can protect yourself.

PISCES: Do your best to put money away for unforeseen expenses. If you add more to what you put away each week, it could add up faster than you think. Being prepared for unforeseen expenses can help you keep a job.

IF AUGUST 20 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Daydreams are fine but keep things noted and organized, pay bills on time, and abide by the rules during the upcoming four to five weeks. You may have the initiative to take charge and the leadership attitude to accomplish a great deal. Wait until early October, when you could be filled with inspiring ideas, to relax by the seaside or escape to the mountains with loved ones. You might be too wrapped up in making money by any means possible to enjoy life to the fullest in November; do not let business tactics and profit-making strategies void your joy. Early December may bring a choice between inertia or accepting an opportunity that entails extra responsibilities. It is wise to wait until late January when your judgment is better to make a change.

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