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ARIES: You can dive into action with a new venture or career project if you are sure there is a soft or safe landing spot. To make extra money you may need to take the leap and put your innovative ideas into motion.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Some failures might have been a class in how to reach success. A new idea you have been developing could be ready to launch and past mistakes will not interfere with your future success. This may be the time for change.

GEMINI: Your group may claim to have a common goal, but it could be hidden under a dozen separate agendas. Try to put effort into completing the pieces of the puzzle jointly. You will need to pull together or risk pulling apart.

CANCER: If you are feeling less sociable than usual, you can put your efforts into more money-making endeavors right now. You and a close companion might work together to achieve mutual goals from opposite ends of the spectrum.

LEO: New insights or perspectives could trigger fresh opportunities. Deep down you may be feeling restless for excitement or eager to try something new. Sit down with a notepad and build a bucket list for an enriched future.

VIRGO: Your plans could be beginning to take shape and the necessary factors can be coming into alignment. You might need to decide on how your project will fit into the bigger picture. Launch time may be creeping closer.

LIBRA: The tactics you use to promote your financial plans might not help to improve an affectionate relationship. Try not to take your loved ones for granted or exploit their tolerances, remain thoughtful and caring.

SCORPIO: It might be easier than usual to make sound decisions about your personal life. You may be feeling more aware of who is willing to support your choices. Funnel any excess energy or enthusiasm into your creative activities.

Once you become aware of someone else’s feelings it may be best to avoid insensitivity and strengthen your bond. You might need to be more supportive of someone close who could be used as a scapegoat.

CAPRICORN: You might not hear the closing bell ring at the end of the day. There may be much to do to make your mark so you could end up working longer hours than most. A complicated situation could be solved with a simple solution.

AQUARIUS: Good advice may offer you a springboard for solving possible conflicts within your home. Acts of generosity might be the signposts that could indicate upcoming improvements. Try not to spend money on new toys.

PISCES: You cannot be something you are not, just to make someone happy. If it is not what you want for yourself, then avoid taking it on. Determine your own goals clearly and take the straight path to reach them.

IF AUGUST 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Try a dictation app or use a notepad to jot down creative ideas and thoughts as the next two to three weeks roll by. Act on inspirations in the first half of September when much could possibly be accomplished with a “direct” approach. A romantic weekend built for two or an exotic vacation could soothe your soul in late September and live up to your ideals. Implementing new business strategies and financial tactics could backfire in late October and early November, but you should have the wisdom and support of others to avoid the worst results from any cutthroat manipulations. Steer clear of romantic flings and get-rich schemes in early December when what you imagine you see may not be what you get. January could be a suitable time to review investments and execute astute financial and business strategies.

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