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ARIES: No matter what others say or how sincere you are, there is always a risk of failure. All you can really control is how you could respond if things go wrong. This may be a suitable time to minimize any possible risks.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Things may feel like they’re flying in every direction, like you’re inside a shaken snow globe. Focus on the handful of important things that you can track or influence. The rest could eventually settle down by itself.

GEMINI: Remain confident that unexpected upsets might not topple the important plans that you and a partner may have set in motion. Ask for advice from professionals before making any crucial decisions for your financial future.

CANCER: Too many things may be in flux right now; it might be safest to keep things as they are for a while. Anything you start right now could face an unstable environment or added complexities. Wait for more stable conditions.

LEO: When playing games of chance, there there’s no certain way to determine the outcome in advance. Put your faith in others even when you feel your love or personal life may briefly look like it’s on shaky ground.

VIRGO: A tip from the past could have paid off if you had jumped on the chance just a little bit quicker. Things may start coming back around again soon. Try to stay calm and focused on the goals until then.

LIBRA: Your bed may be calling, and a new episode might be ready to stream. Though there could be a million ways to avoid reality, look beyond them right now to shape the world and yourself for a better and brighter future.

SCORPIO: The advice you need might not always be the easiest to hear. People can be capable of learning from others, but they need to make that choice. Listen to others with good judgment and you could avoid the pitfalls they survived.

SAGITTARIUS: Accentuate the positives and a work-related project could run much more smoothly. Something unexpected can sometimes be described as a benefit or a bonus feature. Someone who brings good intentions should be applauded.

CAPRICORN: Make an impact wherever you can. Strive to be more than just a random name to the people in charge. Put in the time and energy so that you will be recognized and remembered in the future.

AQUARIUS: When the world is noisy and distracting do your best to remain focused on the tasks at hand. Concentrate on your work and block out any distractions as best as you can. You may get some peace and quiet again soon.

PISCES: You have earned the right to dream for yourself. Other people may try to dictate you views, but you can choose if you are willing to make allowances for a difference of opinion. Compromise whenever you can.

IF AUGUST 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your competitiveness could be at a peak during the upcoming two to three weeks, encouraging you to show off your physical prowess and leadership skills. Romance could be a priority in early September when a vacation to your favorite place could prove satisfying. Do not hold your breath just waiting for your financial and business plans to bear fruit in September, because you may be daydreaming and miss taking the practical or necessary steps. Rely on your friends to help steer you away from fraud or deceptions in October and early November. It is possible that a lucky break could arrive during late November or early December. This could be a time when your honesty and trustworthiness shine brightly, a new romance can become a commitment, or a job offer can put you in the spotlight.

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