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ARIES: You may have been working on your project for a long time when obstacles start appearing. You have the talent, skills and connections to overcome most barriers. Unpredictability might be the only obstacle to face.اضافة اعلان

You need to stop making promises if you cannot follow through. Instead, focus on commitments you might have been ignoring. It can be better to get one thing done well than to be unsuccessful with a dozen others.

GEMINI: Using a thousand tiny decisions to avoid putting your work into the world may be just an excuse that you have used for too long. Consider if it’s time to open the doors, meet new people and share your deepest thoughts.

CANCER: Communication may be the key ingredient in restoring peace with unreasonable people; if someone is irritable you could try softening your response. You can make an intuitive decision if you are looking for a gift.

LEO: As you are preparing, the clock keeps ticking. You might be as ready as you will ever be, and your biggest worry should be being too late for plans. Your wish could be granted if you are searching for a soulmate.

VIRGO: Checklists and research could have been necessary before, but now they may be merely a crutch. You can take pride in your own exactitude, but loved ones need to be accepted even when they are not perfect.

LIBRA: You may have been grinding away while waiting for accolades while others simply call in favors to gain better positions. You might need to make more strategic alliances yourself to avoid becoming envious of other people’s benefits.

SCORPIO: If you make a presentation, try not to let your enthusiasm send you off unprepared. If you have a messy start, you may spend all your time cleaning things up. Give yourself a solid foundation to build something better.

SAGITTARIUS: Nobody can know your plans as well as you do. Trust that your decisions may be satisfactory. You might not realize that some of your hobbies could give you the chance to meet people and gain more popularity.

CAPRICORN: Try looking for everything that is good even if you feel you are being placed under some undue pressure. More factors may need to come into perfect alignment before any further changes can safely begin.

AQUARIUS: Things could be changing rapidly. This may not be the time to attract attention. Keep your head down and your keyboard clicking to avoid being volunteered for something time consuming. There could be other ways to get noticed.

PISCES: You may have been working on big plans to change everything and could also have spent more time planning for things to go wrong. It might be almost time to stop hiding your wonderful qualities from the world.

IF SEPTEMBER 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Rise above possible negative headlines and unpleasant events in the news as the next three to four weeks go by. Use your inner strength of character to concentrate on the best and highest. In November the good example you may have set could earn some recognition from influential people. Late in the month your astute observations and financial acumen could potentially be used to fill your bank account and set you on the road to material security. Although social activities might be a distraction your ambitions could increase in December, and you could become riveted by a new passion or goal. Once you set the ball in motion your dedication to success and refusal to be stopped can keep your passion rolling along until you achieve the objectives you have chosen.

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