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ARIES: Keep your heart open and show tolerance and understanding to loved ones who may have different ideas than you. You could need some extra patience to deal with someone who is seemingly deliberately pushing your buttons.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The only thing that may be holding you back right now is the fear of success. You could receive offers that can let you expand your horizons. Look at all the possibilities your new adventure might reveal.

GEMINI: Get in the habit of jotting down your dreams and reviewing your notes while they are fresh in your mind. Your subconscious can assemble the pieces all night long. Late-night notes can often contain seeds of genius.

CANCER: Sometimes the more you have, the more you want. You can enjoy what you already have without obsessing over future desires. It might be wise to keep up to date on your studies and current events to remain informed.

LEO: Avoid indoctrination by taking in information from a variety of sources. Popularity is no guarantee of efficacy or goodness; don’t let brand-name recognition count more than beauty, ethics, or quality.

VIRGO: Being mocked if you simply ask for your fair share is no way to live. Instead of sticking around politely pleading for more, it may be time to go in search of a full bowl that you can fill for yourself.

LIBRA: Starting a project with a disagreement over credit and titles can taint everything that follows. The best results may come from cooperation and compromise. Do your best to keep communications constructive at home.

SCORPIO: Keep sources of information nearby. You never know when you could receive beneficial intel or learn something that can greatly improve your life. Choose satisfactory compromises if someone is being disagreeable.

SAGITTARIUS: It can be tempting to grab everything in sight. Problems could occur if people expect you to perform as promised, but it remains piled up in your head. Do your best to stay focused on your tasks and you may get more accomplished.

CAPRICORN: Rather than trying to hoard resources, make sure everyone gets a fair deal. Play well with others whenever you can; the consequences of gray-area choices could be worse than a brief time out.

AQUARIUS: You may need to protect your nest egg by keeping assets in a safe place and avoiding unnecessary expenses whenever possible. Do your best to remain patient about launching something new with your career or business plans.

You can stay on the right track by adhering to noble ideals. Concentrate on achieving the aspirations that satisfy your soul. Repeated mistakes or frequent frustrations may be a signal that you are on the wrong path.

IF OCTOBER 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Good things may head your way during the next two to three weeks. Favorable circumstances could bring an excellent opportunity for advancement to your attention or someone whose sound counsel sends you in a beneficial direction. Romance could be on your mind so be prepared for passionate adventures, or you could find a way to turn one of your dreams into reality, so now may be a good time to consider launching new personal projects. Your confidence can bloom in November when an emphasis on good health and long-term planning could change your life for the better. Your energetic pursuit of constructive activities could put you in the driver’s seat in December, when you may be recognized as a superb role model. Late January can be an excellent time to focus on profitable business tactics and make astute assessments of your financial condition.

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