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ARIES: When your wallet is full you could be tempted to overspend on trivial things that do not last. Now may be the time to put something aside to better prepare for the future. Make a sound financial plan for success.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Being willing to experiment or go along with the latest trends can be the key ingredients needed to achieve your ambitions. People who value your independent spirit could be waiting for you to make the call.

GEMINI: Making new friends can make you feel like you are on top of the world. You cannot always have things your way. Try to be understanding and willing to compromise if someone does not want to go along with your plans.

CANCER: You may be feeling unhappy where you are, or unappreciated for all you have done. It might be time to consider making a change. Whether it is of scenery, position or your social circle, take the time to see things from every angle.

LEO: You could meet someone who hopes that your carefree attitude or good fortune might just rub off on them. You may need to demonstrate that your goals and purpose have meaning before anyone can take you seriously.

VIRGO: Fascinating people may start knocking on your door. It could be difficult to decide whether love or friendship is involved but either way you could get a break from the ordinary. Get the most out of what others are saying.

Remain alert to find the missing piece of your romantic puzzle. Try appealing to someone’s sympathy instead of trying to argue your point. Use your common sense to oversee a financial matter and impress a loved one.

SCORPIO: Do whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Everyone could want to spend more time with a cheerful person. Enjoying something new and different can be just what you need to enhance your mental well-being.

SAGITTARIUS: Try not to let your social contacts influence your business or financial decisions. Your home and family could provide a calming haven from the cares of the outside world. Find a peaceful or tranquil resting place.

CAPRICORN: Acknowledge and show your appreciation for the people around you because life could be unrecognizable without them in it. You might need them more than you even realize. Friendship can make life worthwhile.

AQUARIUS: While there may be many things needing improvement, other things could be moving along better than expected. Instead of feeling unsatisfied, pay attention to all the wonderful things that may be happening all around you.

PISCES: You may be clinging to the past to cope with an ever-changing world. You might have grown but your inner child still needs a security blanket sometimes. Take the time to reflect and find a healthy outlet.

IF SEPTEMBER 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: They say that the love of money is the root of all evil, but you might be sensible enough to address your actual monetary needs realistically during the next four to five weeks by applying clever strategies. If you get your income and business on the path to success you may be ready to embrace a more independent lifestyle or make some exciting changes in October and early November. Spend your time on constructive activities in November and try not to be distracted by friends and social gatherings. December could be a time to develop creative ideas or make a special someone feel even more special by getting away for amorous one on one activities. Because you could be enveloped in dreamtime you might not notice the strings attached to financial offers in January, so keep your money in your pocket.

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