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ARIES: Make existing promises a priority to uphold people’s trust in you. This can be a great time to find new people to bring into your friend group. A romantic evening or a friendly outing could be just what you need.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: This could be the time to get out there and highlight your talents — do not hide your light away. If you share your experience and ideas with a variety of people, you can create a valuable collective of connections.

GEMINI: Quiet time might seem wasteful to some people, but you could become more productive as a result. Share an inspired point of view with others and you may be offered the key that can unlock the door to all your goals.

CANCER: Honest explanations can be the answer to a mystery. A partner could have all the pieces to the puzzle. You may prefer to take a day off work or place social activities first, but complete a project first.

LEO: Set a good example for others with clear cut ideas or actions. Impress other people with your enthusiasm and straightforward logic. It can be time to make your move if you are looking for romance or to start a new friendship.

VIRGO: This could be a good time to get the ball rolling. Harness common sense and creativity to get even more accomplished. Avoid a misunderstanding with a loved one by not taking a change of mind or heart too seriously.

LIBRA: Try not to neglect any tasks, remain diligent even if tempted to walk away early. Elevated ideas and the help of devoted people can give you the momentum you need to move closer to achieving your dreams.

SCORPIO: An innocent flirtation or flattering remark may break the ice in a group situation. A period of heightened popularity and extra attention might tempt you into putting some of your ambitions on the back burner for now.

SAGITTARIUS: You may possess empathy for every underdog and might even let one follow you home. Your job or spare time hobbies can give you an opening to widen your social network and meet inspiring people.

CAPRICORN: Negotiations improve when you keep your competitive side at bay and focus on the win-win. If in doubt of your skill set, do what is needed to increase your knowledge and experience. This is the best way to increase confidence.

AQUARIUS: This is a poor time to make impulsive purchases or financial decisions. Accept any apologies or take this as an opportunity to make amends for possible past disagreements. Take every opportunity to walk the high road.

PISCES: Impulsive decisions or thoughts of past mistakes can have you feeling on edge. Rather than taking someone’s bait, take a step back and think it all through. You may see the current situation more clearly after some reflection.

IF JUNE 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your part of the world could be filled with peace, tranquility and good fortune as the next two weeks unfold. Take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. The first half of July is a poor time to start anything new because you may receive doubtful advice or be distracted by someone’s emotional issues. You might have a knack for making friends so join a group of like-minded people. Put your irons in the fire during the second half of August or beginning of September, which could be a time to attain your fondest dreams, whether it involves financial success, business prowess or climbing the career ladder. Be alert for any chance to change your life for the better in October when you can take a more pronounced leadership role or excel at competitions.

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