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ARIES: An enthusiastic new friend might encourage you to overspend or take unnecessary risks. You could be at odds with someone who may want to take advantage of your honesty or sincerity. Putting on airs can lead to misunderstandings, so remain true to yourself.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Try to keep your attentions focused on purposeful plans. It can be important to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people. Keep an eye on your finances and avoid making large investments or major purchases for now.

GEMINI: You may feel overly sensitive to criticism and could be easily upset by instability. This is not a suitable time to take on new ventures or projects. Take this time to focus on your mental health and find small ways to relieve some of your pressures.

CANCER: Take your time regarding your finances. If you are in too much of a hurry to make a purchase, you could have regrets later. Be skeptical about possibly risky investments and you will be able to skate past thin fiscal ice.

LEO: Boundaries could be put into place and should be respected. Someone may poke holes in possible plans or red tape could prevent you from achieving your objectives. You may find that getting your way might not always lead to contentment.

VIRGO: Let facts be your friend. Obtaining a straight answer from companions may be as difficult as herding cats. You may need to practice more patience and understanding when interacting with ill-tempered people.

LIBRA: Impulsive people may pressure you into making changes to your career, finances or personal life. You may be tempted to take advantage of someone’s loyalty but remember that impulse decisions could lead to issues later on.

SCORPIO: Try to find a place to burrow away far from possible noise and distractions. You may need a quiet space to fix problems or address deficiencies. Someone might agree with you on the surface but could be fixated on their own agenda.

SAGITTARIUS: During an internal game of tug of war, either side could end up falling into the mud. You might wrestle with your conscience about trying something new and stimulating when it could be wiser to stick to what is tried and true.

CAPRICORN: Pump up your persistence and you can prevent getting detoured by possible controversies. This may not be a good time to question the rules or to ignore your responsibilities. Stick to what you know and avoid experimenting for now.

AQUARIUS: You may be willing to focus on all work and no play. Your ambitions may be at a high point, perhaps because you feel the crunch of having more expenses than income. Follow any rules to avoid possible disapproval.

PISCES: Having a good relationship with the people you meet could be like petting porcupines. You may need leather gauntlets rather than kid gloves to manage some relationship issues. Maintain a low profile and avoid arguments for now.

IF MAY 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your ambitions may be at a high point and your business or financial brilliance could be fine-tuned as the next four to five weeks unfold. You can succeed with whatever you initiate in the first half of June because you’re likely to be persistent and single-minded about following through. In July, you may be more competitive than usual and could offend a few people with your assertiveness, but if you are also wise and insightful you can quickly take advantage of any opportunities for making amends that come up. Your high energy and leadership abilities may receive some notice in August. September can be a delightful time for a romantic trip or inspiring vacation with friends, but it also might be a time when you can make imaginative business plans for the future.

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