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ARIES: Your faith in your own infallibility may be high and you could be tempted to act rashly or to take unnecessary risks. Control any possible urges to change your spending habits or to make impulsive purchases for now.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: This could be a week when you could feel compelled to turn over a new leaf. Your outlook may shift as you embrace independence and objectivity. Someone new in your life might persuade you to make radical changes.

GEMINI: Remain poised to cope with temporary slowdowns or mystifying red tape. When pressing obligations interfere with your romantic ideas, you may yearn for moments of solitude; try not to run away or hide from the facts.

CANCER: It can be tough to settle back into a comfortable routine when loved ones are enthusiastic about making major improvements. You may be eager to experiment with a new set of goals or to delve into unusual subjects.

LEO: Excursions to local venues and attractions could put you in the public eye. Focus on ways to be fully authentic; this gives others permission to do the same. Enjoy unique experiences or making valuable connections this week.

VIRGO: Vague answers and evasive maneuvers are seldom the most constructive choice, but you may feel challenged to present your opinions in a more straight-up way. If overwhelmed by negativity, do some nurturing self-care.

LIBRA: An extravagance could be good for you. You may become fixated on buying something that is better than average and refuse to worry about the price. You and a partner or loved one may agree on some updates.

SCORPIO: Your ability to manage unexpected changes may be enhanced. However, you might tend to overthink plans or to be particular about the details. Hold off on making decisions that affect your family for the time being.

SAGITTARIUS: Self-discipline does not mean you must deny yourself simple pleasures. It may mean remaining dependable and industrious even when you are tempted to play hooky. Address any family issues with tender, loving care.

CAPRICORN: You may find your powers of observation can be accentuated. It could be easy to see what must be done and craft an astute and practical schedule. Your generosity of spirit may be best expressed within your family.

AQUARIUS: You may engage in a quest for change and self-improvement. Rearrange the furniture for a new look or accept adjustments in family schedules with good grace. You should watch your finances carefully at this time.

PISCES: Doubts and concerns may plague you off and on so you might need to examine the facts thoroughly. Spend a few extra dollars to get something that is both long lasting and a cut above all the others.

IF MAY 7 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your social circle can grow larger by networking or participating in group activities and you can make valuable connections as the next six to eight weeks unfold. If you follow your heart, you can make admirable headway and impress people with your charm and skills in late July and early August. That is a suitable time to take a vacation, meet trustworthy people, interview for a new job or develop inspiring life goals. Trust that the new contacts you make will enrich your life; someone may become a lifelong companion or supporter. You should have extra energy and a good head for business in August but would be wise to avoid making key decisions in September, when you could make mistakes if you are immersed in a dream.

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