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ARIES: Refinement and good manners can work well together. You may have an opportunity to buy something of taste and distinction or to make an apology. You might make someone’s day by asking for their advice or opinion.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your friendly attitude makes it easy to fit into any group or gathering. Your understanding and compassion can make you willing to donate to almost any worthy cause. This might be an excellent day to make amends and mend fences.

GEMINI: This could be a fabulous time to meet new people or to circulate and extend your network of casual social contacts. A special someone might be in a generous mood and have something unique and different in mind.

CANCER: Exercise good taste while you have it. Bring home something that suits you from a shopping trip. When you show your friends or loved ones that you are willing to compromise, everything can run more smoothly.

LEO: Take a detour around disagreements by making apologies before they are requested. Your friendliness and generosity can function as a protective shield that guards you from some potential misunderstandings.

VIRGO: You could make a wise decision about a major purchase or find a good deal while on a shopping expedition. Get advice from an expert or a trustworthy friend before signing long-term installment contracts that may come in.

LIBRA: There is a song called “Happy Together” that might be appropriate background music for any upcoming projects. Working as a team, you and a partner could get more accomplished than either one of you could do alone.

SCORPIO: Join in and you can tune in. Seek out like-minded individuals who support your ideals and could provide you with some kindredship. Someone you hold in high regard might invite you to join their circle, group, or organization.

SAGITTARIUS: Indulge your senses by enjoying the best that life can offer. Rather than drifting along, taking pleasure in whatever comes your way, you might want to select more elevated experiences or options.

CAPRICORN: Find an approachable target for your passions. Once you set your sights on a lofty goal, you could have plenty of assistance and support from your family members. Trust in your common sense to navigate social and business activities.

AQUARIUS: Meeting someone halfway by agreeing to a compromise can erase a possible problem and could provide a solution. A partner or loved one might show their affection and regard by giving you a gift or being especially attentive.

PISCES: You may be able to sense someone’s moods and feelings from a distance, but be careful that it’s not just projection. You might be too shy or too busy to participate so you could be rooting for your team from the sidelines.

IF APRIL 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Enjoy social get-togethers and pleasant group activities during the upcoming two weeks while you may be feeling more attractive than usual. You could be more farseeing and cheerful in the second half of May when you might receive an unexpected opportunity that can improve your life or bring contentment. Make key decisions in late May or early June while your judgment is at its best and there is an adequate support system to help you succeed. Set your sites on a worthy goal so you can systematically take steps to achieve your ambitions throughout June and early July. You could alternate between extravagance and practicality in late July, so hold off on making major changes. In August, you could waste time on get-rich schemes and romantic daydreams but should be more realistic in September when you can better see the necessity for responsible actions.

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