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ARIES: Overcome suspicions and doubts by turning on the charm. Once you put your finger on common interests, you could turn a new acquaintance into a friend. Use your business sense to solve a puzzle.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Resist the urge to experiment because you might poke a sleeping bear. One potential problem with trying out something new is that although it can give you a thrill of excitement, other people could fear the unknown.

GEMINI: Thinking long and hard about how to approach a delicate issue is not a waste of time. Life can be complicated — there are many angles and aspects to take into account before you open the curtains on your next act.

CANCER: Your concern for financial stability might mean you must focus on the bottom line. Everyone’s approach to money is different; you take pride in keeping promises and can be extremely generous when helping others.

LEO: You may be feeling enthusiastic, but this could get out of hand if something truly exciting comes along. If you are bored with the daily grind, you could be intrigued by something or someone that triggers new inspiration.

VIRGO: It is said that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. It may be time to oil wheels, sharpen blades or replace things that have worn out. Address routine maintenance schedules and fix anything that may need attention.

LIBRA: As conditions settle you might find a chance to indulge in romance or social time. Your favorite companions may be too busy to give you the attention you crave right now. Take advantage of any opportunities to work side by side.

SCORPIO: Avoid detours that are going nowhere. It may seem exciting to explore routes that are off the beaten trail, but a new street might only lead to a dead end. Stick with what you know, and who you know you can trust.

SAGITTARIUS: Stay focused, positive and productive. If you are feeling challenged, improve your own game instead of trying to put someone else’s offerings down. Focus on learning to apply facts to your financial strategies.

CAPRICORN: You can admire someone’s pricey new item without making it an imperative to have one just like it. Fight off an obsession with an investment scheme or product. Be smart; hold off on key decisions for now.

AQUARIUS: A comfortable rut could be the best place to be. Persistent efforts can bring expected results. If you give into the urge to change tactics or embrace experimentation just to relieve monotony, you might encounter complications.

PISCES: Work efficiently to be effective. This may not be a suitable time to make purchases as you might spend too much for too little. Wait at least one more day to start new projects. You may try too hard to be liked and spoil your chances.

IF APRIL 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Increasing confidence and optimism can be yours as the next three to four weeks unfold. Because you are in a more positive mood you could be rewarded with opportunities for advancement or launch plans that benefit from your improved wisdom and foresight throughout May. By early June, you may be focused on attaining financial success by applying practical financial strategies. With most things going well, your imagination can soar during June, making this a suitable time to enjoy a vacation or romantic retreat. Your competitiveness increases in July, and you can benefit from extra physical activity. However, July and August are not good times to start a new business or make major changes or decisions because you could be tempted to go to extremes.

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