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ARIES: An optimistic attitude makes everything and anything seem possible. You can feel carefree but should remain diligent about attending to your duties at the same time. It may not be wise to rely upon promises made in too much haste.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may have passed the peak when inspiration alone can move you forward. Analysis of your goals and extra caution can prevent you from running off on a wild goose chase. Surprising revelations could set off a chain reaction.

GEMINI: Your internal truth detectors might be turned on high, but you can still be willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Use good humor to push through overblown exaggerations and see the holes in someone's tall tales.

CANCER: If you are single, a new romantic attraction may come into view that could have what it takes to go the distance. You could channel your desire for beauty and harmony into creative activities with a partner or loved one.

LEO: Study how other people can make good impressions and enjoy pleasurable experiences. Develop insights so you too can fully relax and partake of amusement. Friends may offer ingenious solutions to any problems that may crop up.

VIRGO: An upswing in the atmosphere can make it easier to cope with less agreeable people. Toe the line and be sure to color inside the lines and follow all protocols. Someone may be unhappy or inconvenienced if you make an error.

LIBRA: You might be delighted and amused by someone who is sometimes difficult but full of surprises. You are likely not afraid to be a half of a pair. Someone could amaze you by suggesting a change of plans but something may prevent it from working out.

SCORPIO: Key relationships might take center stage and intimate partners could receive added attention. Loved ones may have admirable ambitions but might exercise poor judgment. Your steadying hand can guide them to a safe haven.

SAGITTARIUS: You are the person everyone looks to when fun and games are on the schedule. Your positive outlook and sense of fair play can uplift everyone you meet. Friends rely on you to lend a helping hand and to provide encouragement when needed.

CAPRICORN: Share your aspirations, dreams, and plans with a trusted friend or partner. This could be a suitable time to imagine a better future while you have a better grasp of minute details. No one can tell you a lie without their deception being revealed.

AQUARIUS: You may believe you are struggling under heavy burdens or have too many family responsibilities. A chance meeting, however, could lighten your load or give you the encouragement to try some welcome alternatives.

PISCES: Remain focused on making headway with your business and career. This can be a suitable time to arrange first dates or meetings but be aware of possible social outings on your calendar. Don’t let small mix-ups spoil your inner harmony.

IF APRIL 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your competitive and aggressive methods may be energizing but come across as abrasive as the next two to three weeks unfold. Nevertheless, much can be accomplished so you could be ready for a restful and fun vacation in the first half of May. In June, your high energy can be more constructive, and your leadership skills can receive attention. Avoid starting anything new in July or early August when you are immersed in wishful thinking. You have the vision and the intelligence to make smart business and career moves in the first half of September. Romance or an inspiring getaway could fit the bill, too.

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