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ARIES: Your air of success or popularity might attract people with whom you have little in common. It may be tempting to be overly generous with your praise. You might overreact if or when you are feeling vulnerable; give yourself a pep talk.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Upcoming social gatherings and weekend plans could be the hot topic of the day. Keep your lips zipped as there may be a tendency to promise more than you can deliver. Do not gamble with your heart or risk your reputation.

GEMINI: Collect a variety of rewarding ideas that can be used immediately to improve your financial health, relationships and spiritual well-being. You may stumble upon an excellent opportunity to make amends for a past mistake or misunderstanding.

CANCER: A family member could put you in an awkward position or a career situation could be at the center of a conflict. Although it may cost you a few extra dollars, it could pay off to shower gifts or tokens of affection on someone close to you.

LEO: Be as friendly as possible to gather support. Avoid turning anyone away who could be helpful, even if they were withholding their full-hearted approval of your cause. You may be honored to be deemed dependable by your friends and colleagues.

VIRGO: This is not the best time for a shopping spree, as your sense of style could be even better in a few days. Plan to have intimate discussions or heart-to-heart talks at a later date, since crossed signals or misunderstandings are possible today.

LIBRA: The most rewarding relationships can be forged when you let go of your expectations and accept people just as they are. You may feel the sands shift beneath your feet when decisions or a change of plan seem to be made on a whim.

SCORPIO: Take a bow for a job well done and watch your career prospects blossom. You may go overboard to impress a romantic partner or close friend. Smothering someone in extravagant gifts might be your way of proving your affection and commitment.

SAGITTARIUS: You could attract helpful tips or have favors granted, but some offerings may involve some risk. Remain poised to adapt to quickly changing moods and opinions. Be forgiving if someone seems undependable or unsettled.

CAPRICORN: Acquire valuable information that can benefit you in the future. You can have better luck with your work or business than with affectionate personal connections. Your romantic overtures might be unanswered for the time being.

AQUARIUS: Keep your daydreams in check. You may find that even the best laid plans can sometimes run into an obstacle, or just not work the way you anticipated. Be prepared to adapt to shifting financial conditions whenever they shift in your favor.

PISCES: You cannot evade realistic evaluations. If you overreact in a minor disagreement, you may find it spinning out of control. The effort you make when completing your work in businesslike manner will reflect on your reputation.

IF APRIL 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Minor frictions can ignite a conflict with an authority figure during the next two to three weeks. Keep your temper in check and focus on being businesslike and astute. The first half of May offers opportunities to unwind and take it easy with an inspiring vacation or a romantic interlude. Enjoy a leadership position or an opportunity to share your knowledge with friends in June. Avoid romantic involvements and financial investments in July when you may be too easily fooled by surface appearances. Wait until the first half of September to make financial decisions or to launch a new business product.

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