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ARIES: Slow down and give yourself time to find the win-win. Maintaining your friendship or support network is more important than scoring points against others. A relationship can be mended if you offer a sincere apology.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be ready for a change of scenery if things that didn’t work in the past have triggered a resolution to try something new and different. Your unusual and inspiring spirit can attract new friends.

GEMINI: You could arrive at a conclusion although you may be unable to justify it. This is not the time to change your opinions or demand that other people change theirs. You can have greater success at a later time.

Pride in someone else’s accomplishments can fill your heart, and when you share the same goals and work together, you can share the rewards. You do not need to be mute and sit on the sidelines; your input could be extremely valuable.

LEO: Get attention for a job well done. The latest technology might provide the most appropriate tools you need to achieve your goals. You may not know how effective a change will be until it is completed and in operation.

VIRGO: The way to be sure something is authentic and not just an imitation is to assess it carefully. Do not be hesitant to carefully examine possible offers, investments and ideas. You can avoid arguments by remaining thoughtful and considerate.

LIBRA: Before you try to fix anything, take the time to understand the steps one by one. Procedures you felt were just wasting time could be necessary for success. Reinventing the wheel can be more difficult than it seems.

SCORPIO: Do not stubbornly resist change and you can have the best of both worlds. Find ways to live more sustainably and shave your bills by installing eco-friendly alternatives, or at least begin to research ways to make significant improvements.

SAGITTARIUS: Be ready for plans to change without warning. A friend, partner, or coworker may have something important come up and could  leave you hanging. Consider the reason as you decide how to respond.

CAPRICORN: You can receive credit for a job well done. The desire to do remarkable things may motivate you to take the lead. You could make enviable progress in the long term by changing your approach and embracing an important trend.

AQUARIUS: Steer clear of a detour just to follow a mirage. Plan an excursion with family or friends that can keep you on a safe path. Glamorous and fun-filled activities should be enjoyed to the hilt but avoid investing too much time or money in them.

PISCES: Your creative urges could be frustrated by a whirlwind of noise around you that may feel overwhelming or block your concentration. Nothing can change until you take a few hours to yourself to gather your thoughts and refocus.

IF JUNE 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Focus on performing at your personal best during the coming five to six weeks, when your heightened perseverance should allow you to shrug off interruptions and interference. Your obsession with success could blind you to the ways you may ride roughshod over people’s feelings, so try to be more thoughtful in July. Mid-August could be the time to review your business and financial plans with enhanced wisdom and practicality. Put your leadership skills on display in September and October when your energy levels are high. Dream bigger dreams or take a vacation in November when an inspiring idea or person can capture your heart. The first half of December could be a time to look for a new job, change careers or make a commitment to a romantic partner while your charisma is enhanced.

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