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ARIES: You might wake up to the fact that you have put too many irons in the fire. It can be challenging to accomplish everything you have started. Handle frustration wisely or you may be tempted to abandon something.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You could find that someone’s good manners and willingness to cooperate may help to accelerate your plans. Keep your eye on the prize for the team, not a steppingstone for yourself. The simplest solution to a problem might be the best one.

GEMINI: Be thoughtful about keeping a key relationship on an even keel. Any apology you make could be accepted if you are sincere and take the time to offer it. Circumstances may cause you to revise your goals and plans.

CANCER: Restrain a tendency to go to extremes. A partner or friend could have unbridled confidence and enthusiasm in a plan that on second thought might be too complex to execute. Applaud courage but use common sense before you finalize.

LEO: Listen and learn; remain alert for grumbles and rumbles of discontent. Someone’s dissatisfaction may not seem logical or make sense to you, but it can still be a valid concern. Settle possible disputes before they can grow messier.

VIRGO: Test the waters first by tentatively dipping in a toe. Try not to dive into something new without all the facts. You may be generous to a fault but confused by responses or puzzled by mixed messaging from a partner or friend.

LIBRA: You can gain someone’s trust by speaking to their needs rather than your own. If you insist on strict protocols, you could risk causing a rift. Launching a major project under these poor conditions may only slow you down.

SCORPIO: When one door closes, another may open. Just be sure that you do not waste time regretting the closed door or you may forget to look for the open one. You might make more money simply by being more thoughtful.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be valuable information in the news. You could hear something that will prevent you from overspending or wasting resources at an inopportune time. Good advice could be readily available.

CAPRICORN: Let your inner passion for excellence guide your hand. Remember that bigger may not necessarily be better. You do not need to make grand gestures to ensure that family members appreciate your ambition and hard work.

AQUARIUS: When times are tough, or you are placed in a frustrating position, it can be tempting to skirt the rules. Never jeopardize your good reputation by doing anything that could fall within a moral gray area.

PISCES: Triggered people can seem to be on the defensive. You might be overly sensitive to criticism or feel unable to cope, so you might overreact to someone’s bad temper. Someone could drag you down to their level unless you remain positive.

IF MAY 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The upcoming one to two weeks are a fabulous time to embrace opportunities you have been hoping to find and use them to your advantage. You can put beneficial policies into place or start something of importance with a high chance of success. Widen your social network in June by making alliances with people who share your ideals and beliefs. June is a good month to make lasting improvements to your health and happiness, perhaps by revisiting childhood habits and pastimes. The second half of August and early September is a suitable time to actively pursue your dreams and creative projects. A romantic vacation or weekend getaway might satisfy your inner fantasies.

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