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ARIES: You can rest on your laurels for a few minutes. If you’ve built a good reputation, you are less likely than others to be criticized for taking a break. Still, it is always a good idea to be diligent about attending to your obligations.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be able to grasp details of trending subjects that you might normally overlook. Your input could be valuable to coworkers and partners because you have a more accurate view of how things work.

GEMINI: It can be possible to find fault with anything by holding it up to a magnifying glass. You might feel that someone is breathing down your neck or micromanaging your tasks. Schedule some down time for rest and relaxation.

CANCER: Fly beneath the radar if surrounded by judgmental people. Too many controversies and hostilities can rattle your nerves. You could look closely at someone’s confidential data, but that does not mean that you should.

LEO: You can get through the day unscathed by disapproval if you are efficient and organized. Make a priority list and follow through by ticking off as many boxes as possible. You could inadvertently miss the drawbacks in a new proposal.

VIRGO: Focus on being accurate and compliant and you’ll make the fastest progress. Any willingness to use cutthroat tactics, or to employ calculating strategies, inevitably leads to unpleasant and permanent repercussions.

LIBRA: Perform your due diligence. Do not neglect responsibilities or ignore tasks that might reflect badly on your commitment. You may be challenged by misunderstandings with loved ones or criticisms from your coworkers.

SCORPIO: Someone might share unusual ideas or offer friendly propositions when you are busy or preoccupied with other matters. A “turn the other cheek” attitude may keep you out of hot water with challenging neighbors or difficult relatives.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid being overly critical of someone’s shortcomings when a few words of encouragement can have a more beneficial effect. You may undergo a period when you feel cut off from others.

CAPRICORN: Try to be willing to make allowances for family members who might change their minds at an inconvenient time. You may not be quite as forgiving toward coworkers or employees who shirk their duties.

AQUARIUS: Pump the brakes on new investments and added expenses. This may be a time to economize without being too strict with family members. Be sure to pay bills on time and meet your deadlines with plenty of time to spare.

PISCES: Making decisions based on intuition can be like holding handfuls of sand that are hard to grasp and could easily slip though the fingers. This might be a poor time to start new projects or sign agreements because you may not think clearly.

IF MAY 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Focus on being healthy both mentally and physically as the three to four weeks ahead unfold. Early July can be the best time to review your financial portfolio and to make astute business moves. New friend groups can broaden your horizons. Avoid making crucial financial decisions and changes in the first half of August when your luck is at a low point. You may be offered an excellent opportunity for advancement in late August or early September. That can be a suitable time to make important decisions because you may be wiser than usual and able to achieve lasting harmony with loved ones. However, lay low during September when extra duties may force you to juggle a busy schedule. Wishful thinking can prevent you from facing facts and moving forward in October.

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