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ARIES: You can feel better about yourself if you are generous and give someone the benefit of the doubt. Investigate your options and you may realize you do not need to be extravagant or spend money on disposable luxury items.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It may be too expensive to maintain the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It might be best to spend your money on existing obligations and avoid taking on any additional debt right now. Put off signing contracts or agreements for now.

GEMINI: You may be challenged to manage baffling problems or find that you can work better by yourself. Although you might be able to pinpoint the source of your troubles, it could be best to wait rather than acting immediately.

CANCER: Remain tactful to stay on someone’s good side. Misinterpreting social signals can make someone feel uncomfortable. Be a steadfast, supportive partner and you may be able to share in the rewards for a job well done.

LEO: Someone may not agree with you, but that alone should not change your mind. Discuss your options and alternatives. You might not realize that the actions you take now can impact your ability to achieve your long-term goals.

VIRGO: A think tank might float on the surface of group efficiency. Your potentially impressive ideas must be beneficial for others as well as yourself. Enlist the support of other people who share your social consciousness and ideals.

It might be smart to act with extra politeness and consideration so you don’t unintentionally give someone the wrong impression. Stay in your lane at work and take a rain check on a social invitation.

SCORPIO: Make it a habit to foster harmony. Minor misunderstandings can be intensified by doubts or suspicions. If someone challenges your ideas, have faith that they can be worthwhile and could be achieved over time.

SAGITTARIUS: Adopt a calm and unruffled manner to avoid possible misunderstandings. An offhand remark could be misinterpreted and spark a dispute. Family feuds might leave you scrambling to perform damage control.

CAPRICORN: No ends ever justify harmful means. Let someone have their way because it could cause too much trouble to be meticulous over the delicate details. You have a personal goal you can achieve if you are not distracted.

AQUARIUS: Every dollar saved is a dollar earned. Try not to make unnecessary purchases, especially if the sole reason for acquiring them is to impress someone. Make a distinction between your wants and your needs.

PISCES: You may feel that you must make a sacrifice to prove your affection. It is possible that someone is trying to dramatize a situation to make you feel guilty enough to give in. Wait a few days to make a firm decision.

IF MAY 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your daily life may revolve around friendly gatherings and group social activities as the next three to four weeks unfold. Friends can spur you on to be more competitive in June, when extra exercise could solve a need for speed. Make significant and lasting improvements or launch your plans with a better-than-usual chance for success in July, when a unique opportunity could show up on your doorstep. Since your judgment is better than usual, this can be an ideal time to reassess your plans. Your creativity can be at a peak as well, so take notes if you are inspired by something or someone. Coast through August but avoid daydreaming in early September when despite an ambitious outlook, you might not see the fine print or be distracted and miss a trick or two.

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